Big Beer vs Craft Beer

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Bobby says what he wants, how he wants, when he wants, and how much he wants, resulting in a special two part episode of Back Pew Brewing.  

Part Two – Big Beer vs Craft Beer

While big corporations such as AB InBev and Miller/Coors still have quite the hold on America’s beer drinkers, craft breweries like Back Pew Brewing in Porter, Texas, just outside of Houston, knows how to hold its own in a fellowship of differing opinions. Brew Master and Owner, Bobby Harl takes the pulpit in this intriguing episode on society’s roles and marketing tactics within big beer vs craft beer.

Video Notes to Highlighted Topics

1:15 The Best Thing
Duh?! Free beer.  People love to give Bobby beer to taste, and he loves free beer.

1:33 The Worst Thing
This looks like the glamorous life.  While it can be, it is a business and running a craft brewery is extremely difficult, especially in the shadows of AB InBev, MillerCoors, etc.

2:55 Mexican Lager Taste Test and Branding
Bobby comes to the realization that the big beer Mexican Lagers taste about the same. From this, he concludes that many beer drinkers don’t want a lot of flavor, but they want a brand that looks cool. Taste is important, but branding counts, too.

6:08 Fighting the Big Guys
Bobby is fighting back with Back Pew Ultra. “We’re gonna get ‘em. We’re gonna go after the Michelob Ultra drinkers.” His response when I ask how he justifies that is priceless.

7:15 AB InBev aka The Enemy?
Ken and Bobby discuss their thoughts on how craft breweries are doing under the AB InBev thumb.  Are they still producing quality beer? Is it the same as it was when it was considered craft beer?

13:11 On the Miller Truck
What? Back Pew was not bought out by Miller, they are just on the same truck that Miller distributes with.  Bobby briefly talks about distributing.

13:41 What is Craft Beer?
Bobby is not afraid to share his opinions, so I wanted to know how he defines craft beer apart from production numbers. 

15:16 The Stout Life
Bobby knows that the answer is different for each person, but his Stout Life consists of being a master of his own destiny.

17:20 Beyond the Taproom – Don’t Touch My Stuff!
Bobby gives us a tour of his brewery while discussing the importance of not touching stuff.

18:50 Beyond the Taproom – Decoction Mashing
Bobby believes decoction mashing is worth the time and effort.

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Back Pew craft beer on the bar - is it ok to also like big beer

What’s your opinion?  If you are a craft beer lover, is it blasphemy to enjoy a beverage from a big beer maker? Let us know in the comments below.

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