Boondocking, Wild Camping, Dry Camping: How to Do It!

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Boondocking, wild camping, primitive camping, dry camping, dispersed camping, etc. Whatever you want to call, just do it. So many people with or without RVs feel they cannot stay in a place without being plugged in. We joined forces with The Virtual Campground to tell you that you can. To tell you how to boondock.

Not only how to boondock, but how to do it with ease, humor, and style!

Boondocking outside of Salida, Colorado

We Learned from Car Camping

Growing up car camping with our parents and then doing the same thing with our kids, meant that we packed everything but the kitchen sink into the car on a Friday night right after working, set up everything in the dark, and plopped our asses in front of a fire with a beer, not moving (except for maybe a hike) until Sunday mid-morning when we packed it all back up again and drove back into the city.

Later in life, we learned that our style of camping was dispersed – meaning, it wasn’t in a campground, we didn’t have any services such as a toilet or water, only nature to service our over-worked souls so that we could survive another week until we could get back out into nature again. We were typical weekend warriors.

RAIF threw up - stuff all over the yard Denver
RAIF threw up!

Boondocking for Life

Now, that we live in an RV, we still find ourselves camping somewhat similar to how we did it way back when.

Finding a spot in the middle of nowhere – no toilets, or water or services or hookups – Granted, we don’t have to pack everything, set up, and then pack it all up again, but we are camping in the middle of nowhere to recharge – The great thing is that this is our life now, so we are constantly re-charged while not being hooked up at all!

Debra and Barry the Virtual Campground
Debra and Barry from The Virtual Campground

Now instead of car camping, in an RV it’s called boondocking, dry camping, or primitive or wild camping. We call it living. Teaming up with Debra and Barry from The Virtual Campground (TVC), we decided to have a conversation about boondocking giving you a few tips and tricks to the trade. It’s really not hard to do, even if you’ve never tent camped a day in your life. (Check out their podcast conversation with us, where we learn all about TVC and these two peeps behind it.)

Some of the best places to stay are in the middle of nowhere, unplugged, allowing you to recharge your soul.

Video Boondocking Roundtable

We hope you enjoy these five short videos, each under 10 minutes, each focusing on tips and tricks to boondocking with ease.

Get unplugged! Here’s how.

What is Boondocking?

How to Find Campsites

Conserving Water

Batteries and Generator Etiquette


The Virtual Campground

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The Craft Beer Adventure Journal

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The Craft Brewery and Mountain Bike Trail Finder Map

Craft brewery and mountain bike trail finder map

PRO TIP: When possible, please check ahead anywhere you go. Many places are open, but some may not be. Due to the C-word, you need to be prepared for restrictions and closures. Be flexible.


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