Coastal Brewery Tour of Washington and Oregon

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From Washington to Oregon, you’ll find a lot of breweries to keep you drinking along the entire coast. We’ve got them all (or at least most of them) listed here from north to south, in order from, you guessed it…north to south. Join us on this coastal brewery tour. I’d say it’s a pretty epic ale trail.

With over 30 breweries; timing, money and our livers told us, “NO! You cannot visit ALL of them.” So, while we did not visit all of them, we did do our best to list and link all of them. So, if you decide you want to visit all of them, well, hopefully we made that task a little bit easier for your brain to handle.

Sunset along the Pacific Coast

But first, we’ll take you on our tour from the southern coast of Washington on the Long Beach Peninsula to small town coastal Oregon in Yachats. We followed Highway 101 along the coast most of the time. The only difficulty in driving this road is trying to keep your eyes on the road ahead of you and not on the mighty Pacific keeping you company most of the way. She’s a beauty!

We did not include the many wonderful tap rooms, beer bars, dive bars, coffee shops or restaurants. We did, however, include the ones we visited, and there are many more, so dive deep if you have the time. Many of these places are quirky, cozy and quaint and they can oftentimes give you more of a true flavor of the people and the area more than a brewery.

Quirky house in Long Beach, WA

Oh, and you’re in the Pacific NW. Take advantage of that if you’ve timed it correctly, meaning drink the fresh hop beers and the berry beers. Where else can you get these except here! When in Rome!

PRO TIP: Many small town breweries (along the coast and anywhere) are closed Sun-Weds. They also generally don’t open until late afternoon, so plan accordingly.

Our Epic Coastal Brewery Tour

From Long Beach, Washington, down into Astoria, OR, and continuing on down the coast through Yachats, Oregon, we had quite the coastal brewery tour.

Sunset colors in Yachats, Oregon

We’ll tell you what we recommend and our favorites based off of beer, ambiance, and more. What we won’t tell you is where not to go. Everyone has differing opinions on what creates a favorite place for them and there are so many subjective components that come into play when choosing favorite breweries. If we visit a brewery and the flavor profiles of the beer there are not what our palates are looking for at that time, we’re not going to tell you it’s a bad brewery. But if a brewery has beer that has something off, such as spoilage or poorly made qualities based off of what beer is supposed to be, we’ll tell you that.

Otherwise, you’ll have to embark upon your own coastal brewery tour. Figuring out your favorites is the fun part. We’re simply here to get you started.

Long Beach Peninsula, WA

North Jetty Brewing on the Long Beach Peninsula – We loved this area of Washington so much that we stayed for almost two weeks at Driftwood RV Park about two miles from the brewery. That combined with the town of Long Beach only a mile away from us, the beach only two blocks away, and all of it connected by an 8 mile paved biking path running alongside the beach, we didn’t want to leave.

Interior of North Jetty Brewing

We spent every day riding our bikes here: either into town, to the brewery, to Cape Disappointment State Park (to visit the lighthouse), to Ilwaco (a quaint marina town), or to the beach. We dove deep here, too, hitting up Worlds End Public House (great local and pirate flair with amazing beer selection) and Long Beach Tavern (can you say local dive bar and with local brews) with some of the best clam chowder I’ve ever had. The one and only sit down coffee shop there, Bold Coffee, is also a gallery with locally designed art and so many cozy places to sit back and enjoy the sounds of the ocean while sipping on your coffee. Oh, and for your spirits, enjoy some spirit tastings just a block away from the beach at Adrift Distillers in Seaview.

Cape Disappointment State Park

Riding into Ilwaco offered us a chance to drink more craft beer on the marina at Salt Pub, and if we had timed it wisely, we could have also hit up the local bookstore/homebrew shop that also had a couple beers of their own, Old Town Trading Post Cafe – unfortunately for us, closed on Sunday. You’ll have to let us know how it was.

Astoria, Oregon

Fort George Brewery & Public House, Reach Break Brewing and Astoria Brewing Company in Astoria – Finally making the decision to move on, we headed about 20 miles south out of Washington to Astoria, Oregon. With plans of hitting up all the breweries here, it was a Monday, and Mondays for many brewery lovers are sad days, so we missed a few, but the three we visited were quite lovely.

On a quest for clam chowder everywhere, Astoria Brewing Company delivered the clams, the beer bread and the beer. Sitting on the patio here, overlooking the bay, yeah, we enjoyed a couple of great brews here.

Dock view from Astoria Brewing

Wandering the streets of this lovely marina town, you’ll find colorful houses strategically placed on hilly slopes, shops, restaurants, breweries, bars, and a vibe that just makes you want to stay forever.

But we only had a day, so on to Reach Break Brewing. Surrounded by food trucks and a patio covered in tents, Reach Break had some good fresh hop beers, smiling beertenders, and a good place to relax with beer in hand. If hanging out here on a Sunday, the local farmer’s market and nearby bakery will complete the picture perfectly.

The patio at Reach Break

But then there’s Fort George. Fort George is worth the wait if there is one. Make a reservation if you have to. Their beers, their pizza, their ambiance, their service – all top notch. One of our favorite breweries of this epic brewery coastal tour is Fort George.

Small Town Coastal Oregon: Seaside to Yachats

Seaside Brewery in Seaside was next on our tour. Overall, this brewery was a decent brewery, but in all honesty it blended in with so many other breweries. Who knows, it could have been the gray dreary day.

Seaside Brewery in Seaside, OR

Pelican Brewing Company in Pacific City, Cannon Beach, and Tillamook offers a large variety of craft beer on tap. We visited their brewery in Tillamook – which was walking distance from our Harvest Hosts: Blue Heron French Cheese Company (go there, buy cheese, buy wine, sleep peacefully) – and it offered everything you need in a brewery. Their flights are guarded by pelicans, you know.

Cool flight at Pelican Brewing

Rusty Truck Brewing in Lincoln City, only 44 miles from Tillamook, could be a great space on a weekend with some live music, beer in hand, and dancing the night away. The decor was its saving grace; the beer blending in with the thousands of breweries across the US.

Rusty Truck has brilliant ambiance.

Beachcrest Brewing Company in Gleneden Beach is only a few miles south of Rusty Truck. First, the beer here is wonderful. With a variety of styles on tap, they do all of it very well. Second, the ambiance is beautiful – right on the river that leads to the ocean. In fact, third, their is a path that leads you right to the beach. Only about a 10-15 minute walk, staring into the unknown of the sea – always good therapy, especially before or after a great beer. Another one of our favorites on this epic brewery coastal tour.

Beachcrest Brewing – a great selection

Rogue Ales in Newport is only 20 miles south of Gleneden Beach. You gotta go. Why? Duh! It’s Rogue – a bucket list brewery, baby. With two main locations in Newport offering very different experiences, go to both. Hit up the main brewery on the marina, Rogue Brewer’s on the Bay. It’s intimidating with its size, and in all reality it is treated more like a restaurant than a brewery, but the beer is great, the food is great, and the view is fantastic. And if you love spirits, walk just a bit, and you can enjoy waterside while sipping on some Rogue Cocktails at Rogue Spirits Sunset Bar.

Rogue, baby!

About a mile or so on the other side of the bridge is Rogue Bayfront Public House. Grab a pint of one of their seasonal brews, sit out on the patio and watch the action in this port town. When done, be sure to wander the streets at night, you’ll be serenaded by sea lions everywhere. We only spent an evening here. This town deserves at least a couple of days with its quaint shops, restaurants, seafood markets and colorful boats. Rogue is just the icing on the cake here.

Yachats Brewing + Farmstore in Yachats was our final brewery on our epic coastal brewery tour before we headed inland towards Bend and mountain biking. Not to leave those full time travelers high and dry, we did some stealth camping along the coast in between Newport and Yachats. Let’s just say it was a pretty sweet spot where the ocean waves whispered us to sleep as we perched above her for the night.

RAIF stealth camping on the coast

Driving into Yachats, if we weren’t trying to hit Bend before the weather got cold, we would have stayed here as long as Long Beach, if not longer. This village has all of about 300 full-time residents with a brewery to die for, pizza to die for at the Drift Inn Cafe, shops to fall in love with and not a chain or big box store in site. Yachats Brewing + Farmstore creates every single one of their beers with expertise. From mixed fermentation styles to pilsners, they are exceptional. We did not sample their fare, but it has to be on the same level. Yachats Brewing was one of our favorite places on this coastal brewery tour, as well as one of our now over-all favorite breweries. Their decor is also as crafted as their food and beer. Unfortunately since then, Yachats has closed temporarily and we have our fingers crossed for a sweet reopening!

Crashing in a friend’s driveway here for a couple of nights, we were able to paddle board the nearby river, play catch with puppies, enjoy ocean sunsets and pretend that we lived here, even if only for a moment. Here’s a secret for you. If you RV is small enough, you could probably get away with some stealth camping here without much hassle.

Paddleboarding in Yachats

Our Favorite Breweries & Towns on the Coastal Brewery Tour

I mentioned these above, but just in case you need a quick reference:

Favorite Towns (Stay Longer than a Day)

  • Long Beach, WA
  • Astoria, OR
  • Newport, OR
  • Yachats, OR
Newport, Oregon

Favorite Breweries (Stay Longer than an Hour)

  • Fort George Brewery & Public House – Astoria, OR
  • Beachcrest Brewing Company – Gleneden Beach, OR
  • Rogue Ales – Newport, OR
Four Mile Saison from Yachats Brewing

All the Breweries

As mentioned above, we didn’t make it to ALL the coastal breweries in Washington and Oregon, but we wanted to make it easy for you to do so. So, here are all the breweries along the coast for your enjoyment. The ones we visited have an asterisk next to them, and as you may have read above, you can experience a bit of our story while visiting each of them.

Gray’s Harbor Area – Southern Washington

Willapa Bay Area – Southern Washington

Long Beach Peninsula – Southern Washington

Astoria – Northern Oregon

Small Town Central Coastal Oregon

Southern Oregon

*Breweries we visited on our epic coastal brewery tour of Washington and Oregon.

Now, go out there and create your own story, your own epic coastal brewery tour of Washington and Oregon.

Want More?

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The Craft Brewery and Mountain Bike Trail Finder Map

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PRO TIP: When possible, please check ahead anywhere you go. Many places are re-opening, but some may not be. Due to the C-word, you need to be prepared for restrictions and closures. Be flexible. Be kind.


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