Free Camping, Beer, & Biking: Harvest Hosts Breweries in the Rocky Mountains

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The open road, the adventurous trails, a freshly brewed beer, handcrafted pizza, conversations and laughter under the stars. This is what we live for, camping, beer, and biking.


  • Colorado
  • Idaho
  • Montana
  • Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming – There are no HH breweries with mountain biking trails nearby in these states.

This Rocky Mountain Harvest Hosts Brewery Camping, Beer, and Biking Guide is one of several regional guides giving you instant access to mountain biking trails that match up with free camping at breweries nationwide.

In this guide for each specific area you will find:

  • Harvest Hosts (HH) Brewery
  • Mountain Biking Trails near the HH Brewery
  • Additional Trails and Breweries in the Surrounding Area
  • Suggested Routes to Best the Enjoy the Trails and Breweries

This is what I live for
Baby, you’re my open road
You can take me anywhere the wind blows
Right into the great unknown
We can throw our hands up out the window
This is what we live for

American Authors – What We Live For

MTB Project reports that the U.S. has over 144,000 miles of trails on over 44,000 trails. Combine those stats with over 7400 craft breweries and over 100 of those breweries offering FREE camping through a Harvest Hosts membership? Dude, your beer and biking vacation just became a complete no-brainer.

RAIF at WildWood Brewing Harvest Host in Montana
RAIF at WildWood Brewing in Stevensville, Montana

What is this Harvest Hosts thing?

Harvest Hosts is a membership for RVers (or van-lifers) that provides FREE RV camping at over 1000 wineries, breweries, distilleries, farms, museums, and other unique locations. You don’t have to be full-timers to use Harvest Hosts; you simply need to be self-contained in your RV (or van or truck camper), meaning you don’t require or expect the host site to provide you with any RV necessities like water, power or sewage. 

We’ve used Harvest Hosts at numerous different locations. It is one of our favorite traveling memberships. Breweries are, of course our favorites, but we’ve used our membership at orchards, vineyards, museums, alpaca farms, and a variety of other places.

Why Harvest Hosts?

Why not? OK, so yeah, we do get affiliate income from Harvest Hosts if you sign up through our link. You get a benefit from this, as well. If you use our Harvest Hosts link, you get 15% OFF the regular price, bringing the membership down to less than $70 a year. But seriously, I’d still be writing this guide for you even if we didn’t get that tiny reward.

Why? Because we want to make your craft beer and biking vacation as easy as possible.

Harvest Hosts 15 percent discount from Living a Stout Life

We’ll do the research; you do the riding and drinking.

Picture this. The RV is packed. The beer fridge is full. The mountain bikes are tuned and raring to go. You’re ready for an adventure. But that RV needs to find a place to camp. The beer fridge will be empty sooner than you think and those bikes are itching to get some mud on them…NOW!

Biking outside of Missoula Montana
Biking outside of Missoula, Montana

If you have been anything like us, you know it takes time to plan. We pull out both our smartphones ladened with all the top notch apps dedicated to beer, biking, and camping. Two hours later, research done, we are ready to go. Two hours? That’s time that could’ve been spent on the trail leading into time drinking that well earned beer.

Camping, Breweries, Trails: all in one place

So, we have done the work for you by putting together a listing of all the trails that match up with local craft breweries that match up with free camping (Harvest Host breweries) – all separated by regions of the country. Did you know we also have a Craft Beer Travel and Adventure Journal matched up by regions of the country, as well? What a beautiful way to track your beer and biking adventures. Click here to check out the Journal.

We did all the work, so all you have to do is:

  • Become a Harvest Host member.
  • Choose your location. (We’ve done the research for you.)
  • Pack your RV.
  • Latch those bikes onto something.
  • Don’t forget your helmet.
  • Call your Harvest Hosts brewery to reserve your spot.
  • Crank the tunes and hit the open road.

We sought out the Harvest Hosts craft brewery locations that have mountain biking and craft breweries within a 50 mile radius (give or take a few miles). All you have to do now is call your Harvest Hosts ahead of time, show up, drink beer, stay overnight, go for a bike ride, maybe drink more beer, and move onto the next Harvest Hosts site, and repeat.

Now that’s a beer and biking vacation.

beer at Mancos Brewing Harvest Hosts in Mancos Colorado
Scenic vistas of beer at Mancos Brewing Company

Rocky Mountain
Harvest Hosts Brewery Camping,
Beer, and Biking Guide


Harvest Hosts Brewery – Mancos

Mancos Brewing Company

Located in the southwest corner of Colorado just 30 miles from Durango, Mancos Brewing Company in Mancos, Colorado, will welcome you like family. Even with all of the breweries in nearby Durango, we are always sure to swing by Mancos. With beers ranging from a Lemongrass Ginger Lager to their High Priestess Baltic Porter, everything in between, and even some specialty bottles, Mancos Brewing offers space to gather, to converse, to break bread, and to drink good beer with good people.

Mountain Biking Mancos Area

I hate to admit this. We have not ridden any of the trails here…yet. I know, I know…not sure how we can call ourselves mountain bikers. We always find our way through here on our way to somewhere else. You, though, should make this area and the surrounding area of Durango, the place to be.

Mountain Biking Mancos Area

  • Chicken Creek Nordic Area
  • Transfer Recreation Area
  • Echo Basin Riding Area
  • Meneffee Mountain Road
  • Madden Peak Area
mountain biking Mancos map
Click the map for detailed locations, trailheads, route building, and more in the Mancos and surrounding areas.

Nearby Riding and Breweries

Ska is in the area. Durango is close. So, while there are no more Harvest Host breweries nearby, I don’t think you could call yourself a mountain biker and craft beer lover if you went on a beer and bike vacation and you skipped the surrounding area. National Geographic named Durango one of the top twenty mountain biking towns in America. It’s kind of a no-brainer. And this is simply the tiny tip of the iceberg for Colorado. It’s actually overwhelming trying to plan a beer and biking trip here, so before your brain explodes, just contact us, and we’ll build one for you. But for now, to keep it simple, just go here.

  • Cortez
  • Durango
  • Dolores
breweries near Mancos map
Click the maps for detailed information on nearby breweries.
breweries near mancos map

Suggested Routes

There is no wrong or right way to explore the region, just make sure you do. There is also no way you can hit all the breweries and trails in this area in one day. Camping is a bit difficult in Durango unless you want to spend some bucks on a fancy RV park, so maybe just move here. But if you can’t do that, I suggest you get to Durango early for a few hours of riding, then hit a couple of breweries. Then head to Mancos for dinner and drinks, spend the night, hit the trails near Mancos, then head towards WildEdge and Dolores River breweries. I wouldn’t blame you if made your way back to Durango to hit a few more trails and a few more breweries. That’s a perfect circle.

Harvest Hosts Brewery – Alamosa

The Colorado Farm Brewery

Located about 50 miles southwest of the Great Sand Dunes National Park and just bout 15 miles from Alamosa, The Colorado Farm Brewery is a must just for the location itself. But then when you add in the beer created entirely from the crops harvested on their farm, well…duh!

Mountain Biking Alamosa/Monte Vista Area

Mountain Biking Alamosa/Monte Vista Area

  • Nicomodes Gulch
  • Del Norte
  • Poison Mountain
Click the map for detailed locations, trailheads, route building, and more in the Alamosa area.

Nearby Riding and Breweries

Ok, yeah, Alamosa is in a valley, and it is a bit flat; however, since Salida is less than a hundred miles north and Buena Vista only a few more miles north of that, there’s plenty to explore around here. And with breweries such as Three Barrel Brewing and San Luis Valley Brewing nearby on the way to Salida’s Soulcraft and more…just keep your wallet handy and mountain biking helmet handy.

Click the maps for detailed information on nearby breweries.

Suggested Routes

I would start in Buena Vista for some riding and some beers, then head to the many boondocking and forest service roads in between BV and Salida. Hang out for a few days, hit up the Colorado Trail (just know that the CT is geared more towards hiking than biking), stay another night. Then pack it up, head into Salida, repeat with more riding, biking, boondocking, and then head south to your HH brewery. Enjoy the farm and a relaxing night (as long as it’s a Thursday through Saturday night) before heading towards Nicomodes Gulch and more trails. From there, keep heading west, young man. Durango’s not that far. By then your legs will be burning, your gut a-busting, and your heart completely, absolutely full!

For more Colorado craft beer biking stories, click here.

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Harvest Hosts Brewery – Sandpoint

Matchwood Brewing Company

Located in the northwest corner of Idaho, on the shores of Lake Pend Oreille about 75 miles from Spokane, Washington, Matchwood Brewing Company specializes in a diverse flight of English, German and American ales handcrafted with time-honored European brewing techniques. Thoughtfully coupled with pioneering hop blends and innovative brewing technology, Matchwood Brewing is a brewery driven by good beer, good people, and good community.

Mountain Biking Sandpoint Area

Idaho: mountains, rivers, vistas, forests, wildflowers, clean air, fresh tracks. Is there really much more to say? With Matchwood Brewing being a mere 35 minute drive from Schweitzer Mountain Resort and only three miles from Pine Street Woods and Sherwood Forest, this is a mountain biker, craft beer lovers weekend dream.

Mountain Biking Sandpoint Area

  • Schweitzer Mountain Resort
  • Pine Street Woods
  • Sherwood Forest
  • Mineral Point
Sandpoint Idaho Mountain biking map
Click the map for detailed locations, trailheads, route building, and more in the Sandpoint and surrounding areas.

Nearby Riding and Breweries

While there aren’t any more breweries or Harvest Host breweries in the Sandpoint area, Spokane is only a 90 minute drive, and there are plenty of breweries there. Any Pacific NW town is worth a visit in my opinion, especially one with a plethora of breweries and trails. Harvest Host breweries may not be an option here, but there are Harvest Host farms nearby, so spending another night in this beautiful area is definitely an option.

  • Spokane
  • Coeur d’Alene
breweries near Sandpoint Idaho map
Click the map for detailed information on nearby breweries.

Suggested Routes

Let’s just pretend you have all the time in the world, and you just spent some kick ass riding and drinking days in the Missoula area, and you figure, “What the hell? Why not drive just a little further north and hit up some trails and breweries near Coeur d’Alene?” Then before your Harvest Hosts brewery, Matchwood, closes, head up there, grab a beer and stay the night. Then you’ve got a full day’s riding just out your door the next morning. You can’t be done yet. Make a nice little loop and head south to Spokane. You may have to hang out here for a day or two to fit in all the trails and breweries around here. But I bet those days not working and riding and drinking instead, well, those will be the days you remember.

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Harvest Hosts Brewery – Missoula

Big Sky Brewing Co.

Located centrally north and south near the Idaho border, Missoula is a craft beer lover’s, mountain biker’s version of heaven. Although Big Sky distributes in 24 states, it remains a small home-town brewery. People here are proud of their state and their laid back lifestyle. They live the Montana life. From their well-known Moose Drool to specialty beers and seltzers, Big Sky may be big, but just big enough to give you everything you need.

Mountain Biking Missoula Area

Major mountain biking trail systems are located within minutes of downtown Missoula and include the Rattlesnake Recreation Area, Pattee Canyon, and Blue Mountain. Additionally, the Clark Fork Riverfront Trail System links to biking trails in the Deer Creek and Marshall Mountain areas. If you like singletrack trails in pine forests with magnificent scenic vistas; you’ll love mountain biking in Missoula. (Mountain Biking Missoula) They nailed it. Missoula friggin rocks!

Mountain Biking Missoula Area

  • Pattee Canyon
  • South Hills
  • Dean Stone
  • Marshall Mountain
  • The Rattlesnake
  • Montana Snowbowl
  • Twin Creeks
  • Blue Mountain
  • Petty Mountain
  • Lolo
mountain biking map Missoula trails
Click the map for detailed locations, trailheads, route building, and more in the Missoula and surrounding areas.

Nearby Breweries

Yes, the only Harvest Hosts near all these bike trails is Big Sky, but you would be a fool if you only stopped here for some brews. With so many camping options available today, find a place to stay in addition to Harvest Hosts, ride some more trails, then hit up Missoula for a walking tour of art, culture, food, and an abundance of wonderful craft breweries.

breweries in Missoula
Click the map for detailed information on nearby breweries.

Suggested Routes

Stay in Missoula for a few days. It’s worth it. When you finally have to force yourself to leave, head north if you have time, to Idaho, or more of Montana. Or head south to another Harvest Hosts Brewery in Stevensville.

Harvest Hosts Brewery – Stevensville

Speaking of finding somewhere else to stay, a mere 45 minute drive south of Missoula will bring you to another Harvest Hosts brewery, WildWood Brewing, in Stevensville, Montana. Jim at WildWood will brew you up some organic brews on his beautiful copper system. His sustainability program, the farm brewery under the blue Montana sky, and the people here, well, you just might want to move to Stevensville. We sure think about that possibility.

WildWood Brewing

To learn even more about the magic of WildWood Brewing, click here for our Stout Conversation with Jim Leuders, owner and brewer, and former van-lifer.

Mountain Biking Stevensville Area

The Larry Creek trails are part of the Bass Creek Recreation Area. They consist of mostly easy braided singletrack with a dirt road going through the middle of it. The Lolo Pass trails are a bit west of Stevensville, closer to the Idaho border, but anything in Montana and that close to Idaho has just got to be good.

Mountain Biking Stevensville Area

  • Larry Creek Trails
  • Lolo Pass
stevensville Montana biking trails map
Click the map for detailed locations, trailheads, route building, and more in the Stevensville, Missoula, and surrounding areas.

Nearby Breweries and Trails

Montana is chock full of stunning trails and great craft breweries in quaint little towns. We found a fun trail at Lost Creek State Park in Anaconda, Montana, along with a couple of small town breweries along the way. While this is just over two hours southeast of Stevensville, it’s just under two hours from Missoula.

I recommend spending several days in the Missoula, Stevensville, Anaconda, Philipsburg area. Actually, just spend your entire vacation here. You know, Helena (another one of National Geographic’s top 20 mountain biking areas) and Butte really aren’t that far away, either. Again, you might consider moving here. It would make life much simpler and more exciting.

breweries near Stevensville Montana map
Click the map for detailed information on nearby breweries.

Suggested Routes

We spent about six weeks in Montana biking (not enough) and drinking (more than enough). Our general route consisted of: Bozeman to Butte to Helena to Great Falls to Glacier National Park to Missoula to Stevensville to Anaconda. You won’t go wrong anywhere in these places, so by giving you a place to stay via Harvest Hosts breweries, we hope we taken your FOMO level down a notch. If not, you just need to move here or take a longer vacation.

Harvest Hosts Brewery – Wibaux

Beaver Creek Brewery and Restaurant 

Centered north to south on the eastern edge of Montana bordering North Dakota, Beaver Creek Brewery was established in 2008 by entrepreneurs Jim Devine and Sandy Stinnett. It has been named the original Eastern Montana “Beer Oasis” craft brewery. With its sister business, The Historic Gem Theatre and Pub, next door, they provide live entertainment, food, outdoor seating, and a wide range of craft beer brewed right on premise. Housed in two, fully renovated 1914 buildings, this is a stop you don’t want to pass up. I’m going off of the brewery’s words on this, as we have never been here, but now I have a reason to hit up eastern Montana and North Dakota.

Mountain Biking Wibaux Area (North Dakota)

Mountain biking trails are everywhere, even in North Dakota. Sentinel Butte and Medora offer a variety of intermediate trails through rolling hills, prairies, and expansive vistas.

Mountain Biking Wibaux Area (North Dakota)

  • Sentinel Butte
  • Medora
North Dakota map mountain biking near Wibaux Montana
Click the map for detailed locations, trailheads, route building, and more in the Wibaux and surrounding areas.

Nearby Breweries and Trails

Depending on how far you want to drive, you may want to explore North Dakota a bit more before calling it good. Heading east towards Dickinson, you’ll come across the I Don’t Know bar and several other bars in this region. Now, I don’t know what any of these bars are like, because I haven’t even been to North Dakota yet, but hell, if there’s a place to stay in Wibaux, Montana, and trails to ride right next door in North Dakota, I might wander a bit. There’s also a couple of other non Harvest Hosts breweries near more mountain biking trails if you head north towards Watford City. Oh the places you’ll go…in North Dakota. Who would have thunk it?

breweries near Wibaux Montana and North Dakota
Click the map for detailed information on nearby breweries.

Suggested Routes

I think I would start north of Wibaux Sidney, Montana, to check out Meadowlark Brewing for their unique brews including their Fungus Shui, a mushroom dessert beer, and 1035 Brewing. Then head south to Beaver Creek Brewing, grab some grub and brews, listen to some live music, crash for the night. Then I would head east in the morning to North Dakota and hit the trails. If you have time either continue heading east to Dickinson for some unknown bars and more trails, or north again to hit up a couple more breweries and more trails. Again, I had no idea North Dakota had this much to offer. Thanks Wyoming, for introducing us to her.

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We’re not done yet.

Check out our other Harvest Hosts Brewery Camping, Beer, and Biking Camping Guides:

Stay tuned for more detailed Harvest Hosts brewery and biking locations coming soon.

Feeling adventurous? There are over 1000 Harvest Hosts locations (including an additional golf course membership), and once you become a member, you’ll have access to all those places. Many mountain biking regions that are close to Harvest Hosts breweries are also close to Harvest Hosts wineries, distilleries, farms, and more. So while you can only stay one night per location, there might be another location just down the road. Keep that mountain biking adventure going as long as you can.

Links and Resources:

We do our best to provide you with the most up to date facts; however, we are not perfect, so if you come across something that is not quite right, or you think we should add more, let us know. We appreciate all the help we can get.



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