Gallant Fox Brewing: Kentucky Beer, Bourbon, and Derby Days

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When you hear Kentucky, you probably think bourbon, but what you really should be thinking about is Kentucky beer…and bourbon. Oh, and you definitely can’t forget the Kentucky Derby. And that, my dear beer loving friend, is what Gallant Fox Brewing Company in Louisville, Kentucky, is all about. Kentucky Beer, Kentucky Bourbon, and the Kentucky Derby.

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Welcome to the fourth episode in our series of podcasts where we have partnered up with Malteurop Malting Company (MMC) to highlight some phenomenal craft breweries for American Craft Beer Week, May 16-22.

Meet Roger Huff from Gallant Fox Brewing Co

Roger Huff and his business partner, Patrick Workman came together over some serious homebrewing. Combining that with their love of Kentucky, Gallant Fox Brewing Co became a reality in 2020.

But they didn’t want to just sell beer. They wanted to give their visitors a true Kentucky experience. And with Roger’s love of Kentucky bourbon and his extensive collection of many bottles, it was quite easy to add a bourbon bar to accompany the brewery. Keeping with the Kentucky proud theme, the name was a given. Not sure how that fits into Kentucky? You’ll have to listen to find out more. And not only do we talk about Gallant Fox, and while we do get a little deep into the woods about distribution and expansion, we have some fun with the Kentucky Derby and definitely the bourbon.

Kentucky Beer and Bourbon

When in Rome, so the saying goes. So, when in Kentucky we have to talk a bit about the bourbon, and Roger even gives out some tips on what bourbons to buy. Yes, his business is all about brewing beer, and at Gallant Fox, they brew some some damn good ones, but who doesn’t love a good bourbon, just as much? Some even more. And think about this – Kentucky bourbon means barrels. Kentucky barrels translate beautifully into Kentucky beer. Roger’s passion for what he does is evidenced through a smile you can hear and feel. It’s palpable. Grab your favorite beer (or bourbon) and settle in for some good Kentucky conversation.

the guys at Gallant Fox at the bar with a beer Kentucky copy
Patrick Workman and Roger Huff (courtesy of Gallant Fox)

“We are Kentucky boys who own a Kentucky proud brewery who make Kentucky beer.”

Roger Huff, Gallant Fox Brewing Co

Connect with Gallant Fox Brewing Co

Gallant Fox Brewing Company
2132 Frankfort Ave.
Louisville, KY 40206


We’ll see you soon!

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Malteurop Celebrates Craft Breweries During American Craft Beer Week

The annual nationwide event of American Craft Beer Week, May 16-22, 2022, celebrates small and independent craft breweries throughout the U.S. Malteurop (MMC) has joined forces with us at Living a Stout Life to highlight just a few of these remarkable breweries through their stories behind the beer. Raise a glass to salute the resilient and extraordinary community that is craft beer!

Your hosts, Ken and April, goofing around at MMC in Great Falls, MT

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Click here for the breweries we’ve highlighted so far this year for American Craft Beer Week 2022.

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Bourbon outside of Kentucky?

Yes, Kentucky is known for its bourbon, but not all bourbon is made in Kentucky. In fact some damn good bourbon is made in Tennessee.

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“We appreciate you highlighting our brewery on your podcast, your enthusiasm for craft breweries, travel and adventure and the patronage of not only you, but the friends you bring into Tres Litros.”

Jason at Tres Litros Beer Co

“Ken and April do a fantastic job of mixing the culture of beer and adventure into something akin to a fine barrel-aged sour. They are wise beyond their years. Loving this podcast and it will be on our weekly playlist for SURE!”

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Shout Outs:

Roger, your passion for Kentucky shines through in everything you say and do. Your love for all the great things in life, including beer, bourbon, family, and community, to name just a few, is evidenced through your infectious smile on your face and joy in your voice. It was such a pleasure chatting with you and hanging out and we can’t wait for you to be one of our first stops on our Kentucky beer and bourbon tour.

To Rick Barney and Gretchen Jones from Malteurop Malting Company for putting this together. It may have been meant to highlight Gallant Fox Brewing Company for American Craft Beer Week, and that it did, but it also shined the spotlight on you two and the community within MMC.


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