If You Were a Beer, What Beer Would You Be?

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And Other Dumb Questions to Entertain Yourself During a Pandemic

Kenny and I seem to think that we are entertaining enough to be guests on our own podcast. We can only hope you think the same thing, too.

We each had an assignment to come up with five questions to ask each other. We were not allowed to know what the questions were ahead of time, and they couldn’t be obvious, easy-to-come-by answers.

In other words, we had to think. Ugh!

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Ken Pishna image of him and his Grandpa in response to one of my dumb questions to him
What question did I ask to elicit this picture? Yep, that’s Ken in high school.

From asking about mountain biking tales to what beer flavors we would be to garden gnomes – yeah, garden gnomes?!?! – to laminated lists and hall passes, we think we came up with some pretty original questions, and some honestly hilarious answers.

Go ahead – Do this with your person – We dare you! Let us know how it turns out. We’d love to hear what you came up with.

Oh the places we went!

Oh the trails we rode:

Check out Trail Forks and MTB Project: two apps we use to find mountain biking trails everywhere we go.

  • Slick Rock – Moab, UT
  • Buffalo Creek – Buffalo Creek, CO
  • Whitefish, MT
  • Steamboat Springs, CO

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Want More?

I rambled on about our first real mountain biking experience in Moab where Kenny flipped over his handlebars. I also mentioned something about our best worst beer?! Curious? Check it out – It’s a fun story!


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Shout Outs:

  • Owen X Pishna and Kumquat Asterson, two talented brothers, for creating the show’s theme music
  • A Fearless Venture for assisting Ken with the stunning logo design and for putting up with our crap about SEO. Thanks, Teresa and Brian!

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