Planning Our First Event: Celebrations, Conundrums, and Community

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Event planning can either be a pain in the ass, or it can be the time of your life. Or maybe it’s something more in the middle. Whatever the moment brings, when planning an event that revolves around building community and passions, we’re here to tell you that it’s worth every moment of not knowing what you’re doing, even when you think you know exactly what you’re doing.

What we are really trying to say is that even if you’ve never done something before, but you want to, then do it! Whether it’s planning an event, starting a business, moving into an RV, or hitting up your first mountain biking trail, you’ll never do it until you just do it! I think Nike’s got something with that slogan.

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Event Planning Builds Community

Many of you know that we teamed up with Debra and Barry from The Virtual Campground and hosted Camp Carpe Diem (CCD), a camp for RVers to get together in a beautiful place to meet fellow travelers, and to learn how to play again. It was a smashing success, but there were moments when we were all wondering what in the hell we were doing. So, in case you are looking to host an event or plan something you’ve never done before, we hope to offer some candid advice and inspiration that anyone can host a successful event and have fun doing so.

So, yes, this podcast episode in its simplest form addresses how to plan an event. But in its true form, our conversations here are more about how to build a community, how to start something you’ve never done before, and how to do it all with a sense of humor.

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Create Life Around Your Passions

The Virtual Campground and Living a Stout Life were both formed to create community, and through Camp Carpe Diem, we are doing just that! Building a kick-ass one, in fact! And with The Virtual Campground’s passion for photography, and Living a Stout Life’s passion for craft beer and mountain biking, it made sense that these passions should play a big role at Camp Carpe Diem.

What this means to you, our listeners, is that your passions need to play a huge role in your life and your community, too. So whether you’re looking to plan an event or just be inspired by a couple of crazy middle-aged couples with a bit of gumption to follow their dreams, we hope you enjoy our banter, and learn a thing or two along the way.

Debra Barry April Ken Sponsors CCD
Us with our partners in crime, Debra and Barry

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Save the Date
While the exact date and location aren’t set yet, mark your calendars for mid-October 2022 and plan on being in the Asheville/Brevard area in North Carolina.

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Event Planning 101

So, yes, there are more details involved in each of the stages below, but really, event planning is a 101 lesson.

  • Set an intention.
  • Determine expenses.
  • Calculate a budget.
  • Ask for sponsorships and donations.
  • Find presenters/experts as needed.
  • Familiarize yourself with the area of the event.
  • Plan the agenda.
  • Have fun! (This is very important!)
  • Debrief the event.
  • Have a beer in hand for all of the above. (This is very important, too!)

If you love books like Debra and I do, check out The Art of Gathering for more inspiration and ideas to plan your event and further your Event Planning 101 lessons.

Oh, the beers we drank!

Seize the Wit
The beer we drank during Camp Carpe Diem and while recording this podcast is a very special beer, indeed. From its inception, our very own Ken from Living a Stout Life crafted the recipe, designed the label, and brought many wonderful people together, including Tim and his team at Strange Craft Beer Company, where the beer was brewed.

Strange Craft Strange With Brew Team

Many thanks to Strange Craft Beer Co, Malteurop Malting Co, The Virtual Campground, and Lazy Hound Brewing Co for brewing together. We brewed community.

There are Four Lights
Belgian Golden Strong Ale aged in Cabernet Sauvignon Barrels from 6 and 40 Brewery in Lakewood, CO

Thank you CCD Sponsors!

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Let us know you did just that, and we’ll put together a virtual happy hour with you. We’d love to see your smiling faces.

“Ken and April do a fantastic job of mixing the culture of beer and adventure into something akin to a fine barrel-aged sour. They are wise beyond their years. Loving this podcast and it will be on our weekly playlist for SURE!”



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Shout Outs:

A huge shout out to our friends and CCD partners in crime, Debra and Barry. You made planning this a blast, and we can’t wait for the second one! Your friendship means the world to us. You started out as road friends, but now you are more like family. We love you!

We also want to thank Sarah and Heather from Beer Now and Zephyr Conferences. You generously offered your time to answer questions from us about event planning so that we can continue putting together awesome events for our community and yours.


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