Random Writings #4 – Spread the Love

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We have seen it on a daily basis.  People are kind.  In today’s world where there is so much crap going on, I am happy to be able to make the statement that generally people are good.  The have proved this time and time again from when we traveled to different countries to our journeys now traveling across the US.

Random Writings Spread the LoveThey smile back, hold doors open, ask if you need help finding something, offer advice, let you in lanes when you missed your turn, offer you a sip of a drink, make room for you at their table, let you stay in their driveway, pay for your drinks, invite you to join them at their campfire, engage in meaningful conversations, and so much more.

One specific instance that spurred this Random Writing occurred at an RV park just outside of Columbus, Ohio, in a small town called Buckeye Lake.  We were hooking up (hooking up RAIF, not with the couple, haha) next to this older couple doing the same and happened to mention that we were heading to Maine, where coincidentally enough, they had just come from.  Setting up got in the way, and the conversation dwindled to nothing, as we all did our own thing.

Random Writings Spread the LoveA couple of days later, Kenny and I were working in the cool air of RAIF when I caught a glimpse of movement outside.  The gentleman we had spoken with briefly just the other day had just finished tucking a small piece of paper under our camp stove on the table.  He then headed off down the trail with his little dog in tow without a backwards glance.

Curious, I went out to retrieve the paper, and found that he had written down a few recommendations for the best seafood and the coolest places to camp and visit.  He went out of his way to help us out, two people that have never been to Maine, two people that are very appreciative of this little note, this little piece of kindness found along the road.

Spread the Love!

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