Random Writings #9 – We Did Not Leave

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The hardest part of being on the road is being away from the people you love, so this post is for them.

We did not leave you, we in fact did not leave. Yes, we are in another state, and we are not there right at this very moment, but we are in fact, there.  Every day, we are home with the people we love. We think about you at work and wonder how stressed you are and do a toast to you when we have a drink.  We think about you when a band is in town and talk about you to the barista or waitress stating how much you would love to hear this band.  

We are Always With You

So we may not be there in the photos that were taken or the events that happened, but please know that we are still there.  In everything that you do, we are still there knowing your actions and reactions, knowing how you came home at the end of the day, stressed and ready to strangle someone or carefree and excited about the upcoming weekend or a hot date. We talk about you everyday in the same way we talk about you when we lived in the same city as you. We make plans thinking of how you would love to be here, or you would like this dress, or that concert venue, or this beer, or that piece of pottery, or this old truck.

We are not gone from this life we share, we are still here, sharing it with each and everyone of you, our kids, our family, our friends, our parents, our sisters, our brothers, all of our people!

Get Together
April WP Love

So, please when you wander the mall or go grocery shopping or go out to dinner or do your laundry, or homework, or  watch a tv show or a football game, and a thought pops up and you think, we should get together. Please get together with us.  That get together may be different than what it was in the past. It may be a text, or a phone call (5 seconds or 15 minutes), or a Facebook or Instagram post, or including us in a group text where everyone is going out, or whatever, please reach out, just like we were there right next to you, because we are…every day.

You are a part of our soul, and no matter where we are, we are always home with you!

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