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We have been living, working, and traveling in RAIF, our 24 foot camper, for nine months now. And in those months, we have come to realize that we have a few favorite things that make RV traveling and working seem like we are on a lifelong vacation! Ok, not quite, but this gear definitely helps make the travel and work life a bit easier.

So, whether you are a full-time traveler, a weekend warrior, or anything in between, we wanted to share a few items with you that have filled our travel and work life with more vacation-like days than bust-your-ass-you can-take-no-more work days.

Affiliate Link Disclosure: As Amazon associates we earn from qualifying purchases. We wouldn’t recommend these products, if we didn’t love them, too.

Comfort Zone Portable Ceramic Space Heater

We have two of these and they have kept us warm on chilly days and evenings in our little space. What we really love about this heater is that it shuts off if bumped or not on an even, flat space.

Collapsible Storage Bins

These CleverMade storage bins are clever (Ha! Ha!) in that they fold up and store away nicely when not in use, yet are durable, stackable, and easy to move around when you need them. We have two, and currently one is being used to store winter gear (can’t wait to collapse that thing) and the other is storing our extra bottles and home brewing supplies. What will yours store?

Collapsible Cooler

For the first nine months of our RV life, we put up with a hard case cooler taking up the space where our legs would normally rest under our dining table (doubled as my office). I am ecstatic to finally have a collapsible cooler (for all our craft beer; I suppose food, too) that can be put somewhere else when not in use (always in use).

Portable USB Fan with Clip

This thing is awesome, little but powerful! Not only does it circulate and give cool air, but it is also great for some white noise for those that need it when camping in the absolute stillness of a forest.

Hotspot Antenna

Works for any device that has a TS-9 connection which is common with AT&T and Verizon. We need to stay connected, or we couldn’t be living this lifestyle. Our business is built around social media and staying connected with the friends we meet along the way, so we are very grateful to have come across this antenna that makes it possible to stay connected even in the middle of nowhere.

Bluetooth Speaker

This speaker rocks! We use it when driving to listen to music or podcasts from our phone, and we use it when watching our favorite shows or movies. It’s rugged and can handle being outside and us dropping it every once in a while (unlike cell phones)!

Professional Microphone

Wait?! A microphone is necessary travel gear? It sure is when you are building a business while traveling, and we are definitely not retired…yet! Since our entrepreneur venture consists of video interviews and ultimately a podcast, a microphone is definitely a requirement, and this one is inexpensive, professional, and works great!

Hard Drive – Mega Storage Space

All I know about this is that you when you edit videos on your computer, they take up A LOT of space, and then your computer loses its mind (or rather its memory). This 4TB portable external hard drive is going to save my sanity. You should get one and let it save yours, as well!

Car Power Inverter with Dual USB Ports and Plug-ins

This is a necessity on travel days when we need to keep our computers and phones charged while using them while driving down the road. Of course, we are not BOTH working on the computers while driving; we’re not that crazy!

Bike Rack

We don’t tow a vehicle and because of this, unless we want to pack up our camper any time we want to go anywhere, we rely on our bikes, so this and the dual tow hitch below are necessities for us. Plus, we kinda like the biking thing, especially the downhill thing. This rack is easy to install, easy to put up and take down the bikes, and sturdy. Granted, everyone will have different needs, but this style has you covered from hitch size to number of bikes.

Dual Tow Hitch

This is great if you use a bike rack for your camper and still want a tow hitch available. While, we didn’t use this dual hitch for that, we used it to keep our bike rack further from the ground, so when driving on and off those low and steeper driveways, our bikes don’t scrape the ground because our hitch saves them.

EternaBond Sealant Tape

When we first bought our used RV, there were a few leaks, but EternaBond, placed strategically all over the roof, has kept us nice and dry. And, it is raining, yet again, so we are thankful to be cozy and dry.

UKeg – Pressurize Growler for Craft Beer

Duh! This has to be on our list as craft beer travelers. We love to buy local craft beer and love to take it with us, and this is an easy way to enjoy your favorite craft beer, days after visiting the brewery. It’s like your own little brewery in your RV. Speaking of that, check out our post and video on tiny brewing.

Happy shopping!


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