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Watch the trailer, then Subscribe to our YouTube Channel now, so you don’t miss our big premiere on January 27, 9:00pm EST, with new episodes every Sunday night. 

We are excited to announce STOUT CONVERSATIONS! Premiering on Sunday, January 27, at 9:00 pm EST. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel now, so you don’t miss the big premiere, and new episodes every Sunday night.

What’s it about? Craft beer, of course. Ok, Ok, I know. We may have already lost some of you, but maybe you’ll give it a chance, or at least spread the word to your beer loving friends. But before you leave us, beer is about more than beer. It’s about the connections you make with people while drinking the beer. So, if you have any liking at all to people and being inspired, then this show is for you. Every week we will bring you a new story from all over the U.S.

Believe me! You want to be the one that is able to say, “Hey, I’ve followed them from the beginning!”

Not only will you learn more about beer, you will also be inspired by innovative ideas, creative people, and comedic stories. We’ve got owners, brewers, and photographers headed your way from Louisiana, Texas, Colorado, and more!

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Please spread the word and tell the world about us. This won’t work without help from you, our devoted fans.

Here’s to many Stout Conversations. Cheers!


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