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Pro Re Nata Brewery signPRN – an abbreviation in the medical field for the latin term, pro re nata, meaning, as needed.

An even better name for a brewery: Pro Re Nata Farm Brewery, in Crozet, Virginia, at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains, to be exact.

As Needed

And it was exactly what we needed when we pulled into their parking lot after a rare long day of driving. Thanks to Harvest Hosts, a membership site that offers free stays at farms, breweries, and vineyards (join through our link, and you will get 10% off your membership fee), we found this brewery just when needed. With its flavorful brews, unique ambiance, a to-die-for food truck, and rockin’ live music, Pro Re Nata easily made it to our Stout Life Approved list.

Pro Re Nata Brewery PatioOffering several level and spacious spots for RV’s within its large gravel parking lot backed up to the woods, it was simple to park. And in no time at all, we were chilling in the open-air patio, beers in hand, food at the ready, and singing along to some familiar tunes with a band that makes you feel right at home, hence their name, Place Called Home.

With many phenomenal beers to choose from, it was hard to pick our favorites, but the three below stood out to our taste buds.  Yours will have to come up with their own opinions.

Stout Life Approved – Pro Re Nata Farm Brewery

  • Beans Deep (Coffee Stout) 4.6%  Made with just the perfect amount of Trager Brothers Coffee and with a low ABV, this was a flavorful, easy drinking beer that did not disappoint.  Its hints of chocolate and espresso played well with the late summer evening.
  • Pro Re Nata Brewery flightLoading Dose (Double India Pale Ale) 8% This double IPA had a fruity profile, along with a perfectly balanced hops to malts flavor ratio, making it a lovely addition to any evening hanging out on the patio.
  • Pre-Med Pils (American Pilsner) 3.4% You gotta love this one just for the name. Not normally a pilsner fan, this one stood out with its slightly spicy, hoppy finish giving it a lot of flavor for a pils.

The recipe for this Stout Life Approved venue was simple. Start with an evening sky full of twinkling stars, add in a dose of wonderful conversations (always say hi to a stranger), a large portion of flavorful beers to loosen our tongues, and a fireside concert to bring it all together for a perfect late summer evening in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

Place Called Home

Place Called Home album on Amazon.comAs the night waned, Place Called Home took advantage of the intimate atmosphere around the fire pit.  Becoming a part of the audience as though we have all known each other forever, they easily melded into the soul of the place, mesmerizing us.  It felt as though all the good in the world had gathered together around this single fireplace in a brewery meant to be used as needed. Not wanting the night to end, the band succumbed to the gentle chants of, “Just one more song.”  But all good things must come to an end, opening up for new good things tomorrow.

Heading out the door towards home, no words were needed. The twinkling stars and the remnants of music were perfect company for our reflective thoughts.

Pro Re Nata – as needed – very good medicine indeed.

(If you want to check out more from Place Called Home, you can purchase their self-titled album with this link to

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