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Having spent a week almost as recluses surrounded by palm trees and the sound of the ocean, we finally ventured out into society.  Where did we go?  A brewery, of course!  Reve Brewing Company, to be exact, and this one, like all of the ones we recommend, was pretty special, indeed.

Ken Hanna Beach Jax Florida

Jacksonville, Florida, at just over 840 square miles, is the largest city in the continental US, with a population just shy of a million people, and only around 20 craft breweries.

It wasn’t surprising that we found one of the newest craft breweries in the city, Reve Brewing Company.  Starting with the name being a mashup of the owners’ kids names, this brewery continues the family feeling the second you walk in the door.

And, please, walk in the door, because the outside decor does not do the brewery itself justice.  Located in a nondescript strip small on a nondescript street, it can be easy to miss. But with beers this good and a local surfer-turned brewer/owner who still finds the time to surf, missing this place would be a crime.

Craft Beer is an Art Form

Beer slushee du jour Reve Jax FloridaThe Pig at Reve Brewing Jax FloridaEric, both owner and brewer, created this small piece of art to find the freedom he wanted when brewing.  And that he did.  Specializing in sours, stouts, and IPA’s, he hit the jackpot with all three, including crafting a beer slushee du jour, complete with a tiny cocktail umbrella, a perfect fit with the beach mere minutes away.

And he plays well with others, collaborating with a couple of other breweries, one being Southern Swells, another Jacksonville brewery, to craft a smokey, marshmallowy, roasted piece of heaven suitably named, Fluff-n-Stuff. 

Some say beer should just be beer, but here, at Living A Stout Life, we feel beer should be crafted, like a fine piece of art. Eric, the pig , and the rest of the crew here at Reve, work exceptionally hard at crafting their art and do not disappoint. Unless of course, you are looking for just a boring, old beer.

Listed below are just a few of the pieces of art crafted here.

Stout Life Approved – Reve Brewing Company

  • beer flight Reve Jax FloridaFluff and Stuff (Imperial Stout) 12.1%  A collaboration brew with Southern Swells, this beer will melt your tastebuds. The marshmallow, vanilla, and peanut butter all team up perfectly in this heavenly concoction.  Careful, though, it may make you a little too relaxed.
  • Edible Sunshine (Double IPA) 8.2% This hazy double IPA will not only wow you with the loral and mosaic hops, but it will also awe you with its citrusy aroma and juicy bits of grapefruit taste.
  • Lost in my Mind (Pastry Sour) 4% The lactose added to this sour, gives it the pastry name, but also the smooth taste of a milkshake.  Combined with apricot and vanilla, this beer is like a fresh fruit pastry.  Perfect to start off a beach day.

Be sure to also check out Green Room Brewing on your travels through Jax. With one of the same owners, the beer here is just as beautifully crafted as Reve, and almost as perfect as the center of the wave you caught this morning (or the one you wished you had).

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