About Us: Kenny and April Pishna

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We are Kenny and April Pishna, mid-40 somethings (Crap! Fine! Almost 50).

Kenny and April drinking a beer at Jester King in Austin Texas
Us enjoying a beer at Jester King

We’ve been together as friends since high school in 1987 and together as a couple soon after that. We are best friends (always), mortal enemies (not often), amazing parents. (Ha! not even close, but somehow our boys turned out more than OK.)

Our Family

We are a sister, a brother, a daughter, a son, a teacher (one of my many careers), an editor (one of his few; he’s truly dedicated), craft beer lovers, mountain biking enthusiasts, snowboard fanatics, outdoor lovers, hard workers, productive members of society, homeowners, BBQ’ers for all the right holidays, much more than 9 to 5’ers, vacationers to beaches, mountains, and even out of the country.

Kenny and April smiling and posing in their mountain biking gear in North Fruita Desert Colorado
Sweaty us after a bike ride in the desert

Raisers of our two sons to follow their dreams, to be out of the box thinkers, to be stander uppers for those that are brought down, to use their hearts, their heads, and their voices to be conflict resolutioners. And they accepted that challenge. They are on their way, their path, their lives, their stories.

Kenny April Zakk Owen posing for a fun family picture in Buena Vista Colorado
Our boys, Zakk and Owen
Hardest part of traveling is not seeing these two every day!

It is our time to follow that same advice. So what did we do? Left the house with our kids, sold or gave everything away, bought an RV, created a nomadic business, moved into the RV, and left Colorado, our home of 30 years.

Crazy? A bit! Hard? Of course! Worth it? Every minute!

The Beginnings of Living a Stout Life

We had planned for many years to move from our family home of 26 years in the ‘burbs of Denver to the mountains, but when that time came, we realized it would be trading one sticks and brick for another. So, why not buy an RV and travel to the mountains, and to the oceans, and to the forests, and to the swamps, and to the cities, and to wherever we wanted to go whenever we wanted to do it?

Kenny and April pictured with RAIF on Red Mountain Pass in Colorado
Two months into this journey in this picture
and we are having a blast!

It didn’t matter one bit that we had never owned an RV before and knew nothing about traveling with one. We just did it.

Kenny has a job that he can do from anywhere as long as he has an internet connection. Me? I was teaching, and when I told my principal that I wasn’t coming back next year…well, the shit became real.

That’s when we decided we wanted to create a business together, and Living A Stout Life was born.

Kenny April holding giant mugs of beer in Baltimore Maryland
What a better way to say cheers than with
huge mugs of beer in Baltimore!

Now we travel around the country in search of great stories around a great beer and share those stories with you, along with resources for you to create your own craft beer lifestyle.

Rainbows and Unicorns

And as the saying goes, life is now all rainbows and unicorns! Wait?! What?! Hell no! While life on the road, unplanned and untethered is at most times quite awesome, like any lifestyle, it is far from perfect. But when you get the chance to sit outside your home with an office view of the Gulf Coast and miles of sandy beaches right at your front door, and for free, whatever demons come by to attack your unicorns, well, you can slay them, and get back to living a life you love, not one you just have to get through.

April getting frustrated with Kenny by acting to slap him
Kenny is just weird, but he always helps slay the demons!

Below are some resources from us, that we hope inspire your journey to your stout life, whatever that may be.

And on the way, remember to always say hi to a stranger, it is through people that love is built, and with love, comes great freedom!


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6 years ago

Great start guys!

Ken Pishna
6 years ago
Reply to  Jon

Sorry for the slow reply, Jon. But thanks. We’ve still got a long way to go, but we’re following that advice of just get going! LOL