We All Have a Little Bit of Dog in Us

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When we first moved into our RV, we were planning on traveling with our dog. Pali, our nine-year-old red Doberman with the best floppy ears, had other plans. She refused to get into the RV no matter what we tried. Since our boys were now living in their childhood home and Pali grew up there, too, she stayed with them. Pali has since crossed the Rainbow Bridge to frolic in the fields with her sisters that passed on before her.

We have since made the decision to bestow our dog love upon everyone else’s dogs. And that is how we met Tom and Ely, creators of The Dog in Us, though their fur baby, Alaska. If you’re a dog lover, then this story is for you because we all have a little bit of dog in us. This is the RV dog life, and a journey to visit every dog-friendly National Park unit in the U.S.

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Meet Tom, Ely, Alaska & Smoky Joe

Tom and Ely are one of the cutest couples you’ll ever meet. And then add their two pups, Alaska and Smoky Joe, into the picture, and you’ll just melt. Not only are they dog lovers and travel to places that they will all enjoy, but they are also craft beer lovers, and make the best margaritas!

Meeting in college, they both knew they had always wanted to travel in an RV, and they both knew they wanted to do so with their beloved furry mates. Living in Australia for a few years, Tom’s home country, they had initially planned on traveling around Australia. As we all know, plans change, and they made their way to the U.S. to begin their dreams of living and working while traveling.

The RV Dog Life

This is their story of building their RV dog life and a business or two. One that pays the bills, and the other that pays the heart. We talk about travels with beer, travels with dogs, hitting the road full time right before the pandemic hit, and so much more. We even get into a brief lesson about bottling beer. Yep, that’s what happens when you do a podcast with friends, you talk about everything. But in the end, if you have a dog, love beer, and love travel, you’ll learn a lot, laugh a lot, and live a lot.

All we’re trying to do is just enjoy life and travel and adventure with our dogs and help other people adventure with their dogs, and if the RV business covers our expenses to do that, then we get to drink lots of beer and hang out with our dogs and be happy. Wealth to us is free time.

Tom and Ely, creators of the Dog in Us and Meet You There RV Repair

Connect with Tom, Ely, Alaska & Smoky Joe

The Dog in Us

Meet You There RV Repair

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A Tour of Bend’s Best Breweries

Since these wonderful peeps are based out of a wonderful town called Bend, Oregon, we thought we’d also share our Tour of Bend’s Best Breweries with you. Now you can go to Bend to visit breweries and friends.

Do You Want to Live and Work While Traveling?

Since Tom and Ely told their journey of how they came to be able to live and work while traveling in an RV, maybe you’d also like to hear our story and get some advice along the way.

Or maybe you just need a recipe to get you started.

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Shout Outs:

Tom and Ely, it was so much fun hanging out with you in Montana, and we can’t wait to do it again in Bend. Not only were your margaritas the bomb, but the time we spent hiking, talking, drinking, eating, and getting to know each other more was awesome! We value your friendship!

Alaska and Smoky Joe, we loved your snuggles and snores. You both made hiking and wandering around an enjoyable experience no matter where we were. And especially to Smoky Joe, thank you for keeping my feet warm under the table. Be sure to keep an eye out on Tom and Ely. They need you to remind them when they work too much, and it’s time to go play.


Ever thought about staying overnight at a brewery?

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