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Ken, April, Jordan Fink and Jason Ford at Woods Boss

Craft Breweries We Consider Home – #DrinktheStory

There are many breweries around the country that we could walk into and feel welcomed as though we were long lost family members. However, since Colorado is home base and our love for the craft began here, it’s kind of a given that many of the breweries we consider home are in Colorado.

Kettle & Spoke Brewery, Boulder, Colorado

NanoBrewing Big Dreams in Boulder – #DrinkTheStory

Anyone that knows our love of beer and the community surrounding it knows that our true love is the quirky, off-the-beaten-path little breweries that you have to work hard simply to find them. That in a nutshell is Boulder, Colorado’s Kettle & Spoke Brewery, a self-proclaimed nano-brewery.

Theres always something to be thankful for sign at Something Brewery Brighton Colorado

Not the New Normal

I feel like I must say something to you. Something that makes a difference in your life. Something that creates calm and positive thoughts amidst the craziness that is our world today. Something that doesn’t promote the new normal. But what do I say? Relax? Hang in there? It’ll all be better soon?