LIsa Manning Harvest Hosts copy

Ever thought about staying overnight at a brewery?

Meet Lisa Manning, the Head of Host and Member Success of Harvest Hosts. We chat with her about Harvest Hosts, of course, but we also talk about RV hacks, the travel lifestyle, and of course, beer and breweries. We always talk about those.

Brian Vance Catalina Brewing Co Tucson AZ copy

We Bike, We Brew: Tucson’s Handcrafted Bike Fuel at Catalina Brewing Co

Catalina Brewing Company in Tucson is a brewery, but more than that, they are a community. Join us as we talk with Brian Vance, Managing Partner, for this fun conversation about the joys and trials and tribulations of a brewery, while working a day job, raising a family and trying to find time for those epic bike rides. And in Tucson, there are plenty of those.

Ken and April biking in Trent South Dakota

Craft Beer Travelers Top 5 of 2020

As I was compiling all of our data for 2020, I found myself bitching about all the money we spent eating out, drinking beer, maintaining our mountain bikes and traveling. But the truth is, this is what we love to do. So, why would we stop? Here are our top 5 lists for things beer, biking and travel related. We hope you find this list entertaining, informative and helpful when planning your 2021 craft beer lifestyle.

Hoppy Saison from Yachats on the paddleboard on the beach Oregon coastal brewery tour

Coastal Brewery Tour of Washington and Oregon

From Washington to Oregon, you’ll find a lot of breweries to keep you drinking along the entire coast. We’ve got them all here for you from north to south. You’ll know what breweries & towns to explore, so you can create your very own epic ale trail.

Beauty is in the eye of the beerholder

Beer Here, Beer There, Beer Everywhere

Seriously, craft beer is everywhere. And not just to purchase and take home, but to drink anywhere you go. From enjoying your favorite craft beer in the grocery store while shopping for dinner to playing a part in your fitness regime. Should it be everywhere?