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Craft Beer Adventure Journal - book

Craft Beer Adventure Journal

Craft beer, community, and adventures are personal experiences. Your journal should be the same. The Craft Beer Adventure Journal is a space to record the beer you drink, the breweries you visit, the food you eat, the people you meet, and the adventures you have.

More than a journal, there are also several information pages in the front of the journal to teach you more about the beer you drink. There is a section on how to describe the beer in your notes, a comparison of the common styles of beer, and even a section on beer and food pairing.

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Organized within six regions of the U.S. and some extra pages at the end if you need more space or for those once-in-a-lifetime jaunts across the seas, this journal is made for beercationers and locals alike. It is the perfect match to your adventurous craft beer lifestyle, pairing beer with food, with adventures, and with the community of fellow beer geeks you meet.

Ken and April with beer at MotoSonora Brewing Tucson Arizona

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