Craft Brewery and Mountain Bike Trail Finder Map

At Living a Stout Life, we’re working hard to bring you as much information as we can about those craft breweries that we love and nearby mountain biking trails. That’s why we created the Craft Brewery and Mountain Bike Trail Finder Map.

Craft Brewery and Mountain Bike Trail Finder Map

Just zoom in on the map to locate a brewery and/or mountain bike trails nearby to find that amazing post-ride beer and the trails to get you there.

We’ve done that work for you, so all you have to do is ask: What does Living a Stout Life say? Where is a craft brewery near me? Are there any nearby mountain biking trails?

All of the locations on the map, whether a brewery or an MTB trail, have been fleshed out by Living a Stout Life. But not only are we giving you some pinpoints on a map, in most cases, we’re also providing a ton of added information.

Many times, we’ve visited these breweries and trails. Maybe we’ve done a podcast about them, created a video about the location or brewery, or written a guide or article about the breweries, beers, and trails.

Click a Brewery or MTB Trail on the Map

Just click on any of the icons that you are interested in on the map. You’ll get direct links to any related content on Living a Stout Life or our YouTube channel or The Craft Beer Travel and Adventure Podcast. Many times there are photos to scroll through. You also get detailed contact and location information from Google Maps. All with a single click!

With so many amazing craft breweries out there, it’s often difficult to know where to go. With our Craft Brewery and Mountain Bike Trail Finder, you don’t have to juggle apps. We’ve done the work, so you don’t have to.

Our Craft Brewery and Mountain Bike Trail Finder map is constantly being updated with new breweries and locations, as well as additional information, as it is added to

So what are you waiting for? What does Living a Stout Life say? Click on the map to find out!

Do you have a brewery or trail to recommend?

Some of the best places found are from recommendations from friends. So, as your friends, these are the places we recommend. And along those lines, we trust recommendations from friends, too. Being that there are around 8,000 breweries and thousands of miles of trails in the U.S. alone, and while we love to travel, MTB and drink craft beer, we have no plans of visiting ALL the breweries and trails, so this is where you can help us.

If you have visited a brewery you love or ridden a trail that gets your heart racing, let us know about them. We’ll review your suggestion, and if all looks great, we’ll add it to the map. Your opinions count, too.

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If yes, please send them (max of 3) via email to and when we upload your recommendation to the map, we’ll include your photos as well (along with photo credits to you).

Disclaimer: We will not be that guy. If a brewery really sucks, we just won’t mention it. On that note, just because a brewery isn’t on here, doesn’t mean it sucks. It probably means we haven’t been there yet, or we haven’t put it on the map yet. Of course, it could suck, but we won’t tell you that.

Remember, breweries are generally about more than the beer. They are about the community around that beer. So, go drink a beer, and say hi to stranger while at it. The world needs a lot of community right now. Go build it.