Brewery Hopping in Denver: RiNo Breweries

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Beer in Colorado is epic! With over 400 breweries in the entire state and only second to California, thousands of visitors arrive in Colorado solely to visit the hundreds of breweries here. But how do you choose where to go? It’s time to head to the River North Art District in Denver, better known as RiNo. Some of the best breweries in Denver are the RiNo breweries. No Denver brewery tour is complete without visiting this eclectic neighborhood.

Denver Brewery Guide to RiNo

With over ten breweries, all within two miles of each other, this list provides immensely walkable brewery hopping opportunities. Getting to all of these Denver breweries in one day may be feasible, but definitely not recommended. Especially if you’d like to continue liking yourself the next day.

But even more important, is to slow down when visiting breweries. You’ll get a chance to experience more of the real vibe of a brewery and the community it serves. So, on that note, you may want to stick around RiNo for at least two days. Or simply choose a few breweries to really explore and then come back another time for another round… or two. 😉 There are plenty more breweries to experience. You are, after all, in Denver.

Friends Finns RiNo Denver Colorado
Preparing to Brewery Hop around RiNo

A Tour of RiNo: Some of Denver’s Best Breweries

We’ll tell you what breweries in RiNo Denver that we recommend and our favorites based on beer, ambiance, and more. What we won’t tell you is where not to go. Everyone has differing opinions on what creates a favorite place for them and there are so many subjective components that come into play when choosing favorite breweries or elsewhere. 

If we visit a brewery and the flavor profiles of the beer there are not what our palates are looking for at that time, we’re not going to tell you it’s a bad brewery. But if a brewery has beer that has something off, such as spoilage or poorly made qualities based on what beer is supposed to be, we’ll tell you that.

Otherwise, you’ll have to embark upon your own RiNo brewery tour. Figuring out your favorites is the fun part. We’re simply here to get you started.

🍻  our favorites – Honestly, we loved all the breweries, but everyone has favorites, including us, and we felt that these were some of RiNo’s best breweries.

RiNo Breweries

RiNo, short for River North, is an arts district known for its graffiti-style murals, art galleries, and breweries and eateries, all within walking distance of each other. Located just northeast of downtown Denver proper, it’s comprised of four historical neighborhoods: Globeville, Elyria- Swansea, Five Points, and Cole.

RiNo is quickly becoming a top Denver tourist destination, especially for those looking to experience some of Denver’s finest breweries.

RiNo River North Denver Map
Click the RiNo Denver brewery map for details and further directions.

Unfortunately, since we first published this guide to Denver’s best breweries in RiNo, there have been a few casualties, but also some additions.

Our Mutual Friend Brewing 🍻

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been to Our Mutual Friend yesterday or two years ago, this brewery gives you that same warm, fuzzy feeling every time as it did when you first walked in. Isn’t that how friends are? It doesn’t matter how long it’s been since you’ve seen each other, you can pick up right where the relationship left off. That is how we felt walking into Our Mutual Friend for the first time. It was a place that you could come back to again and again. With a diverse list of beers and a crowd with just as much diversity, Our Mutual Friend has the beer, the ambiance, and everything that ranks for us to have this cozy taproom be one of our top favorite RiNo breweries 

Address: 2810 Larimer St.

Ratio Beerworks 🍻

This is one of those breweries that we needed to give a second chance before we made a full decision that it’s a great place. Everyone raves about Ratio, so when we first went it just didn’t hit the vibe we were expecting from a brewery. Don’t get me wrong they have great beer. It was the nightclub type of atmosphere that just didn’t fit our style of the quaint little taproom.

I guess that’s what we get for going there on a Friday night   We decided to go again a few months later and finally understood what all the fuss was about. Yes, it’s not cozy and quaint but the almost industrial-like feel works for the neighborhood. It greets you properly and you feel like you are in an artsy district. Which you are. Plus, they have a kick-ass patio with a mural that depicts the beauty of RiNo and Colorado.

mural Ratio RiNo Denver Colorado copy
Ratio Beerworks

Ratio is another must visit brewery. Did I mention they had a carrot saison when I was there? Just that should be enough to get your curiosity piqued.  Inspired by the punk scene in the 90s, Ratio’s attitude about beer is still embedded in that scene, meaning they do what they want, and they do it well. “We learned how to drink on tour. We learned how to brew in Germany.”

Address: 2920 Larimer St.

Odell Brewing Company

We have actually not been to Odell…yet. I know, one would expect us to have been to at least one of their locations, but we have not. So, from the mouths of others, this is a great brewery. With a beautiful patio, firepits, small-batch beers brewed exclusively for the RiNo location, two bars located in a historic building, this was Odell’s first Denver brewhouse. We can’t wait to get back, so we can actually step foot inside of it.

Bierstadt Lagerhaus

Bierstadt has set themselves up for community. With community-style seating and authentic German-style fare, you might just be able to pretend you’re in Munich. Almost. The lagerhaus is housed in a large warehouse on the top floor overlooking the public beer garden, which is the Bierhalle. It is an all season patio inspired bierhalle giving adults a chance to play like they deserve while drinking the beer they’ve worked so hard to earn.

bierhalle bierstadt RiNo Denver Colorado copy
Bierstadt Bierhalle

The vibe here is energizing, the atmosphere is truly fitting to the RiNo district with other companies calling this space home, so we can all share in the wealth that is Bierstadt Lagerhaus and The Bierhalle

Address: 2875 Blake St.

Epic Brewing 🍻 –– (Unfortunately, Permanently Closed as of December 2022)

Originating in Utah, but now residing in both Utah and Colorado, Epic manages to stay true to who they are in the community they are in. Known for their Big Bad Baptists and other dark, intense, high ABV beers, they are also known for their commitment to community.

And within the River North district, they have become a staple, one of the major breweries that draw craft beer lovers from all across the country. You’ll find staples that you expect to see every time here, along with creative craft that continually pushes the boundaries that we know as craft beer. This is one of the reasons why we love Epic. Well…because they are epic.

Address: 3001 Walnut St.

14er Brewing Company

Taking over the space that used to be Beryl’s Beer Company in 2018, 14er Brewing came to RiNo with visions of entertaining good people in a good space with good beer. That they have done, with a patio that faces Blake Street, a welcoming taproom, and good beer. This good beer includes up to 31 taps consisting of their popular flagships such as their Rocky Mountain Saison, along with seasonal, and one-off experimental beers.

3120 Blake St., #C

Beertender and bar 14er Denver Colorado copy
14er Brewing

River North Brewing Company 🍻

River North was the first brewery to open in RiNo in 2012, when things were first starting to wake up in this sleepy neighborhood. Initially focusing on Belgian-style beers, that’s the direction they continue with today. Known for their funky Saisons and their wonderful barrel-aged dark beers, and quads, River North is the place to be when you need that full-flavored beer.

With the neighborhood finally coming to life, River North had to move out when the owner sold the entire block where they were brewing. Excited to head back to River North in 2019, they now have two locations, the one in RiNo and one on Washington Street in north Denver. Whatever taproom you visit, just know that those beautiful dark, bold beers are waiting for you. Don’t be scared off, though. They also have damn good lighter beers, as well, such as their White, a witbier, and a Pils, just to name a couple.

Address: 3400 Blake St.

Great Divide Brewing Company Barrel Bar 🍻

You may have heard rumors that Great Divide Barrel Bar was closing. While they moved all production facilities back to their origins in the Ballpark neighborhood, the Barrel Bar taproom is still alive and thriving in RiNo. And with its quaint and cozy style vibe inside and its patio perfect for people watching, we’re ecstatic that they aren’t going anywhere. It’s the one place where we know we can find Yeti without getting lost in the woods.

Let me help you start drooling: Cinnamon Vanilla Yeti, Horchata Yeti, Dark ‘N Stormy. OK, in the heat of summer, these may not be too mouth-watering (although, I think they are mouth-watering all year round), so they do lighter beers well, too! Pretty much whatever Great Divide creates, it’s just damn good.

Address: 1812 35th St.

Mockery Brewing –– (Unfortunately, Permanently Closed as of August 2023)

Mockery sits just off of Brighton Blvd tucked away in its own little world, but just down the block from Great Divide. It may not be as well known as Epic or Ratio, but it should be with its unique beers and beer labels to match. Wander down the street to this gem of a brewery for a seat on the patio to enjoy the Colorado sunshine, or cozy up to the bar on a chilly winter’s day. Wherever you choose to sit here, know that you will be doing so in a brewery that is simply that…a brewery, with good beer, good ambiance, and an all brewery feel. Meaning, you won’t find fancy things here such as an in-house restaurant or nightclub-style dancing, but you will find a good down-to-earth brewery that makes good beer.

Address: 3501 Delgany St.

Black Shirt Brewing Co and Craft Pizza Kitchen 🍻

Black Shirt is simply one of those breweries that you know you’re going to come back to again and again the second you walk into their taproom. With Johnny Cash flipping you off when you walk in the door, you know these guys don’t follow the rules. Johnny represents Black Shirt Brewing well. After all, their view is that the ones in black are the rule-breakers, the ones who create that path less traveled. Black Shirt is not just a name, it’s a philosophy. Not only do we love their philosophy, but we also love their beer and their handcrafted spent grain pizzas.

With three patios, including one of the coolest urban stages hand-built out of old pallets, you know you’ve got to pay Black Shirt a visit for some live theater and live music, beer in hand.

Address: 3719 Walnut St.

Johnny Cash patio flight Mockery RiNo Denver Colorado copy 2
Black Shirt Brewing Mural

More RiNo Breweries

There are a couple of other breweries in RiNo that are worth a mention. While they may not be craft (owned by the big guys), they still do their craft well, especially Blue Moon.

10 Barrel Brewing Company –– (Unfortunately, Permanently Closed as of November 2022)

With an expansive, wide-open taproom and 24 beers on tap, along with a rooftop patio, and scrumptious pub-style grub, 10 Barrel still handles the craft scene like a pro.

Address: 2620 Walnut St

Blue Moon Brewing Company

When we first walked into Blue Moon, we were pleasantly surprised. With its circular state-of-the-art bar, uniquely designed booths, beautiful patio complete with firepits, this is a place to hang out.

You’ll find many of the traditional Blue Moon products, but alongside those, you’ll also find some creative brews that you may never expect from Blue Moon. Styles such as sours, quads, farmhouses, and much more. And the food is also quite spectacular.

Address: 3750 Chestnut Pl.

BrewDog Denver

This is the first Denver BrewDog location. It will also be BrewDog’s first franchised location. They are targeting an early 2024 opening (as early as January 2024), so it remains to be seen just what a BrewDog franchise taproom looks like.

Address: 3950 Wynkoop Street

Left Hand RiNo

Left Hand Brewing Company, on the other hand, is a Colorado O.G. brewer. Left Hand beer has been around since 1994, but really made its mark on craft beer brewing with its iconic breakthrough, Left Hand Nitro Milk Stout. Nitro Milk Stout was the first successful American brewer to bottle a Nitrogen beer without a widget.

The original Left Hand Brewing Company taproom is located in Longmont, Colorado, but Left Hand RiNo is located adjacent to the Mission Ballroom music venue.

Address: 4180 Wynkoop St., Suite 140

RiNo Eateries

Speaking of food, one must eat in order to drink more beer. However, one can only eat so much, before you can no longer fit any more beer in your belly. We’ve only mentioned a few places on a long list of exquisite food that is RiNo

Eat where we did, mostly at the breweries, or find your own places.

Finn’s Manor 🍻

We did happen upon Finn’s Manor, and we are thrilled that we did so. Food trucks are becoming more and more popular all across Denver and in RiNo. They’re almost expected at every brewery and on any street corner. Finn’s Manor has got the food truck thing happening and then some. With several choices of trucks serving up all types of food to match any palate, gourmet or simple, you’ll be able to put away some calories to keep you heading off to the next RiNo brewery. Isn’t that what food is for? Flavor, yes, but soaking up that beer so you can taste more of what yo you came to RiNo for in the first place. 

But wait! Did I also mention this place is a bar. With 16 rotating taps, along with some of those hard-to-find beers that you’ll pay an entire paycheck to get your hands on, you’ll be quite happy eating and drinking here. A trip to RiNo is not a proper trip without a visit here. Hungry or not, walk through the doors of Finn’s Manor.

Address: 2927 Larimer Street

Other RiNo Places Worth a Mention

There are so many places to explore in RiNo, and we have not been to all of them. This is where your part comes into play. We are only here to guide you to a few of our favorites. You also need to explore to determine your favorites. Life would be quite bland if we only followed what others did.

In the meantime, you can start with what we know, but please further your adventures into the unknown of the many unique places to explore in RiNo, including the many art galleries, art walks, and art events. To keep up with all things RiNo, click here.

  • Tracks Nightclub – enjoy a drink and dance without the typical nightclub bullshit
  • Infinite Monkey Theorem – urban winery
  • Crema – spectacular coffee shop
  • Stem Ciders – feels just like a cozy brewery
  • First Draft Taproom and Kitchen – handcrafted food and varieties of craft beer and wine
flight Stem RiNo Denver Colorado copy
Stem Ciders

RiNo Breweries and the RiNo District – Never Static

RiNo is never static. It is fluid with its everchanging murals and over 20 galleries, along with cideries, wineries, and so many places to eat fine and casual cuisine. Every time you come back to RiNo, you’ll find something new to explore, new tastes to savor, new smells to soak in, new people to meet, and new art to bring about new perspectives.

Visit RiNo, and you’ll forever judge all other neighborhoods to this one.

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