UPDATED Colorado 2023 CollabFest Beer List

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Check out the amazing CollabFest Beer List for the 2023 Colorado Brewers Guild Collaboration Festival. The brewfest takes place on Saturday, March 25 at The Westin Westminster.

Tickets for the 2023 Colorado Brewers Guild CollabFest are available here!

The Colorado CollabFest is one of the best community building festivals in the country. The Colorado Brewers Guild fosters an event that brings at least two (many times more) breweries together. They are tasked with brewing a one-off beer or two, which are unleashed at the festival. When these unique brews are gone… they’re gone for good!

That makes Colorado CollabFest one of the most anticipated beer festivals of the year. There is nowhere else you can sample so many unique beers in one place. This year, brewers have one-upped themselves with beers ranging from Blackberry Spruce Tip Amber Ale to Dandelion, Oat & Chocolate Rye Stout to Blue Sour Double IPA with Coconut and Pineapple to Japanese Rice Lager with Black Squid Ink and over 100 more! šŸ¤Æ

Most of the breweries are from Colorado, but only one of the breweries in the collab has to be from the Centennial State. This year’s fest will see collaboration brews between Colorado breweries alongside brewery and industry friends from Iowa, Wyoming, Texas, New Mexico, Maine, California, Nebraska, Nevada, Ohio, Virginia, Missouri, Oregon, Utah, and even outside the U.S. with a brewery from Mexico!

What is the Colorado Collab Fest all about?

Check out the 2023 CollabFest Beer List

Want to try the amazing brews from the CollabFest Beer List?!

So you want to try these amazing, sometimes funky, but always fun craft beer originals at the 2023 Colorado CollabFest, but you’re a little unsure how this whole brewfest thing works? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Believe it or not, we remember our first brewfest… although just barely. We’ve created a fun tip-filled guide on how to get the most out of your first brewfest. (Trust us, this took years of experience to master!)


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Colorado’s Collab Fest: Unique Beers for a Unique Festival

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