Craft Beer

Ken and April biking in Trent South Dakota

Craft Beer Travelers Top 5 of 2020

As I was compiling all of our data for 2020, I found myself bitching about all the money we spent eating out, drinking beer, maintaining our mountain bikes and traveling. But the truth is, this is what we love to do. So, why would we stop? Here are our top 5 lists for things beer, biking and travel related. We hope you find this list entertaining, informative and helpful when planning your 2021 craft beer lifestyle.

Ken holding beer straight off the canning line Woods Boss Denver

The Craft Beer Canning Line: From Tank to Can to Belly

Canning beer may sound like a glamorous job to those that have never done it before.  In fact, it sounds like an adventure. But to our beloved brewers, beertenders and brewery owners, canning beer can be more of a factory line job than anything else. We are here to debunk that myth with our version of canning day.

April staying fit with RAIF while traveling in Arkansas

How to Stay Fit on a Diet of Craft Beer and Travel

Staying fit while traveling is one thing. Add in the love of craft beer and good food while traveling, now it’s even more difficult. Then, there’s a pandemic. We’re here to tell you that staying fit even with all of these obstacles in place, is possible. Actually, it’s required and brings us joy.