2023 Year in Review: Top 5 Craft Breweries and Adventures

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A new year brings about reviews of the past year, so of course we’ve got our top 5 of 2023. Top five of what you ask? Top 5 craft breweries, of course. But also top 5 mountain biking trails, camping spots, paddleboard sites, and beer events.

And if that isn’t enough, we’ve also got the top 5 stout life stories and podcasts from 2023 as measured by how much love you all gave these stories.

Crooked tooth group photo Top 5 breweries 2023
Cheers to 2024 from Crooked Tooth in Tucson, AZ!

Plan Your Adventures for 2024

We plan our life around adventures, so choosing the top 5 craft breweries and more is really to give you a place to start to choose your own adventures. We have many more breweries, trails, and more that we love, too.

So, if you need recommendations on what to do and where to go and can’t find it on our site, give us a holler, we’d love to help you plan your 2024 adventures.

We visited them for you first; now you just have to show up.

Fait La Force Brewing taproom Nashville Tennessee Top 5 breweries

2023 Top 5
Craft Breweries

Medellín Craft Breweries

We spent a month in Medellín, Colombia, in 2023, exploring the adventures and the craft beer scene and found many great breweries, there, too. If you want to experience Medellín breweries, check out our Medellín Craft Brewery Guide along with tips and tricks to get to and enjoy Medellín.

More Breweries to Visit in 2024:

  • Superior Bathhouse Brewery – Hot Springs, AR (Superior is the Opening Night Social Sponsor for Camp Carpe Diem May 16 – 20, 2024.)
  • Woods Boss Brewing Co – Denver, CO (Cottonwood Institute Beer Release Party and Fundraiser is here June 20, 2024. Stay tuned for more info.)
  • Breweries in Baja – We’re here all of February 2024 – Come see us!
  • Breweries in Germany and Belgium – If you’re interested in traveling with us this summer and fall, send us an email.

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2023 Top 5
MTB Trails

Sedona mountain biking group top 5 MTB 2023

More Trails to Ride in 2024:

Where do we find our trails? Other than recommended rides, Trailforks is our go to app. And when we find them and match them up with nearby breweries, we put them on our map. To find breweries and trails close together, head on over to the beer and biking map.

Top 5 2023 adventures Glacier hiking Iceberg Lake

2023 Top 5
Other Adventures

More Places to Explore in 2024:

  • Hot Springs, AR, for off-roading and paddling (Camp Carpe Diem’s base camp is at an off-road park this year. Something to think about!)
  • Anywhere in Baja for paddling especially Playas La Gringa, Santispac, and Coco (all found on iOverlander)
  • Mazatlán is a fun city to explore with the world’s largest Malecon (beach walk), several craft breweries, and gorgeous coastlines. We’ll be there in 2024!
  • Belgium and Germany are sure to offer us up many adventures. If you’re interested in traveling with us, send us an email.

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2023 Top 5
Camp Spots

Teton camping Top 5 2023 camp sites

More Places to Camp in 2024:

Wondering how we find our camp sites? We use many apps and recommendations from others, but our top two apps are Campendium and iOverlander (iOverlander is especially helpful in Baja), both of which are free to download and use.

group photo top 5 2023

2023 Top 5
Fun Events

More Events to Experience in 2024:

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2024 New Beer & Travel Guides to Look Forward to:

  • Baja guides
  • Oktoberfest in Germany
  • Germany guides
  • Belgium guides
  • Phoenix Quick Sips
  • Michigan craft beer guides
  • Fort Collins craft beer guide
  • Vegas Quick Sips
  • Arkansas craft beer guides
  • And more!

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2024 Podcast Episodes to Look Forward to:

  • Mulege Brewing Co and more Baja breweries
  • Baja travel podcast episodes
  • Germany brewery stories
  • Belgium brewery stories
  • European travel guides
  • Additional brewery interviews everywhere we travel
  • And More!

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Words of Wisdom for 2024

“Say yes and you’ll figure it out afterwards.” (Tina Fey)

What type of travel are you comfortable with? Now go a small step above and beyond that comfort. Not only will you experience a new perspective, but you’ll also train your brain to start becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable. From that, comes insight, wisdom, education, and an entirely different way of looking at travel.

That’s why you’ll start to see expanded beer and travel guides here on Living a Stout Life. Guides to Medellín and Baja, for example. Guides to Germany, Belgium, and more. There’s a lot to experience on this gorgeous planet we call home, and we want to bring as much of it to you as we can.

When it’s time for you to get out there, look to us for your craft beer travel and adventure guides. Step out of what makes you comfortable.

Say yes!

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