Quick Sips: Best Breweries in Victor-Driggs, Idaho

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Some of the best breweries in Victor-Driggs, Idaho, are also some of the best breweries in Idaho. Whether you’re going to or leaving from Yellowstone or Grand Teton National Parks or actually spending time in the Victor-Driggs area, there are a few damn fine breweries to visit. Just as each town has its own vibe, so do each of these breweries. But that’s not all they’ve got!

🍺 Quick Sips 🍺

🍻 Quick tips on which breweries to visit when you only have time for one or two. 🍻

Adventure Before Beer

Victor-Driggs may have some sweet little places to enjoy a cold one, but nothing beats floating down the Teton River with the Tetons at your backside. Except maybe a beer in hand while doing so. Or a quick jaunt to the Horseshoe Canyon Trail System just outside of Driggs (or anywhere in the region for that matter) for a quick mountain bike ride.

Before you hit the breweries, earn your beer. We advise you to take that float or grab your bike and basque in the glory of the mountains you are right in the middle of. You might just be greeted by a moose on your morning paddle. The breweries will be there for you when you’re done.

And whether you’re paddling or riding, a great place to stay close to either adventure is right at the takeout on the Teton River at Big Eddy-Rainey Campground. It’s a great basecamp for all the adventures: paddling, biking, and beering!

PRO TIP: Camp at Big Eddy-Rainey Campground. If you have a bike, leave your bike at the campground. If you have SUP’s, kayaks, whatever, drive them about five miles up the road (maps are at the campground) to your put-in spot on the river. Float the river – don’t forget the beer. It takes about two hours. Get out at Big Eddy-Rainey. Bike to your car and drive back! It’s a brilliant way to shuttle yourself, and not worry about finding a shuttle service. Which there are those, too.

Want more bits about bikin’? Check out Bikin’ Bits – we’ll tell you where to go (and what beer to drink afterwards) so you can get on the trails faster.

Now, about that beer!

Best Breweries in Victor-Driggs

Located just across from Grand Teton National Park as the crow flies, you’ll find two Idaho towns less than 10 miles apart from each other. And while they may be small when it comes to population, they’re grand when it comes to the outdoors and the craft beer that celebrates it. We hope you can get to all three craft breweries here (and a bonus taphouse). But if you find yourself only passing through, one of these gems will be calling your name.

Citizen 33 Brewery – Driggs, Idaho

Citizen 33 is a great place to spend time with your people (or meet new ones) and try some interesting new beers. Named for the Idaho Highway 33 that it resides on, this brewery holds a true local vibe. Pull up a stool at the bar or wait for a table either in the taproom or on the patio. Serving a full menu alongside its local brews – hops and malts from Idaho, this is “Idaho in a glass”.

Citizen 33 Brewery Victor Driggs Idaho breweries


Connect: Citizen 33 at 364 N. Main St.

Best attributes: cozy space and unique beers

Serving: full food menu, a variety of beers, wine, and cocktails

Setting: wait to be seated indoor and outdoor dining, indoor bar seating

Beers we drank: Gemstone Dry Hopped Saison, Dove Piquet’s Grisette, Le Grand Pierre’s Biere de Garde, Newspeak IPA, Blackfoot Stout

Food we ate: We didn’t eat here, but we can tell you the food we saw was mouth-watering.

Grand Teton Brewing – Victor, Idaho

In Victor, you will find the oldest brewery in Idaho, Grand Teton Brewing. This might just be the grandest of them all, and quite possibly our favorite brewery in Victor-Driggs. Not necessarily for their craft beer lineup (which is solid), but for the true brewery vibe inside a tiny taproom perfect for a cozy end to a busy day.

In the summer there is a huge beer garden to relax with beer in hand and mountain views. Grab a seat here and you’ll immediately feel like a local. It’s that kinda vibe.

Grand Teton Brewing patio Victor Driggs Idaho breweries


Connect: Grand Teton Brewing at 430 Old Jackson Hwy.

Best attributes: True small brewery vibe with a cozy indoor space for chilly winter days and huge beer garden to soak up the sun. Each beer was true to style.

Serving: solid craft beers and food truck onsite

Setting: wherever you would like to sit, no hostess needed, order at the bar and grab a seat

Beers we drank: Teton Range IPA, Howling Wolf Weisse Beer

Wildlife Brewing

A great brewery vibe and a great beer garden with classic, yet solid beer styles. This is a local hangout welcoming you in no matter where you choose to do so. There’s a full menu of food with an emphasis on pizza. Although, in our opinion, the pizza was a bit pricey, clocking in at 33 bucks a pie.

Wildlife Brewing Victor Driggs Idaho breweries


Connect: Wildlife Brewing at 145 S. Main St.

Best attributes: true brewery vibe with its circular bar, huge front lawn-like outdoor space

Serving: craft beer, wines, and a few canned cocktails

Setting: sidle on up to the bar, at a table, or make yourself comfy outside

Beers we drank: Nummy Tingler Hazy IPA, Mighty Bison Brown, Hops 2.0 IPA

Food we ate: Philly Stromboli

Bonus Find – Refuge Taphouse

Refuge is of the newest taphouses in Idaho, with a great lineup including a fantastic saison. (We do not recall the name of it.) They have a great intimate space, and it seems the place to be meet the local peeps. Hang out here and you could be mistaken for a local.

Refuge Taphouse Victor Driggs Idaho breweries


Connect: Refuge Taphouse at  2. N. Main St.

Best attributes: decent variety of beers from many breweries across the country, and more taps coming

Serving: craft beer and limited cocktails

Setting: beer bar, order at the bar, minimal patio space

Beers we drank: several local Idaho brews

Beyond Victor-Driggs Breweries

While Victor-Driggs might not hold a substantial number of breweries and taprooms, what it does hold is quality over quantity. With a wealth of activities to fill your day from mountain biking, to paddling or floating down the river, the chance to further your joy with beer here is still plenty.

Victor-Driggs Cideries, Distilleries, and Nearby Breweries

  • Highpoint Cider – Victor, ID
  • Grand Teton Distiller – Driggs, ID
  • Melvin (also a Harvest Host) – Alpine, WY

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Which Brewery in Victor-Driggs will you experience?

At the end of the day it would be pretty easy to find yourself one or two beers deep at every single one of these unique Victor – Driggs breweries, but if you only had time for one, which would you choose? The one with pizza? The one with the true brewery vibe? The one with unique brews? What’s calling your attention? You might know until you get there, but lucky for you, every single one comes with a beautiful view.

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