Drink Like a Girl: A Story of Community, Collabs, and Pink Boots

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International Women’s Day is March 8, and we’re celebrating it like a girl, beer in hand, mountain bikes at the ready. Ok, maybe not riding while drinking, but you get the picture. We’re doing what we do best, and Samantha Danen from Third Space Brewing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is doing what she does best.

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International Women’s Day and Alewives

International Women’s Day was first officially recognized in 1911, a year after the International Conference of Working Women was held in Denmark. It began as a way to celebrate women, their achievements, and how they have had an impact on history just as much as men, if not more.

In the brewing world, women in history are integral to the beginnings of beer. They were after all, the original brewers. Referred to as alewives, these women brewed beer for their families as an added source of nutrients and hydration.

As time progressed, brewing became big business, and women were pushed out, no longer recognized for their long-standing brewing skills.

Today, however, that stereotypical image of a bearded white man is slowly shifting back to its roots. Women are taking back the kettle and the beer world is celebrating!

Sam Danen is one of those people in the beer world celebrating the roots of brewing, and we got the chance to talk with her. A huge thanks to our friends at Malteurop Malting Company for connecting us once again…and for being a part of the brew day.

Meet Samantha Danen from Third Space Brewing

Samantha Danen, Head Production Manager, and the rest of the team at Third Space Brewing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, are celebrating by teaming up with the Pink Boots Society for its annual collab brew day and beer release of Like a Girl.

Sam started homebrewing in college and fell in love with all aspects of beer. As a art history major, it was easy for her to see the art of brewing. She could compare art and beer together. Beer being its own medium.

Sam Danen Third Space Brewing
Samantha Danen, Production Manager at Third Space Brewing (photo courtesy of Third Space)

“Art is about breaking it down into several components and then bringing it back to talk about what it is as a whole. That’s what beer was for me….and to appreciate it as its own entity. I fell in love with the craft.”

Sam Danen, Third Space Brewing

Starting at Third Space in 2020, Sam worked her way up from brewers assistant to where she is now, always appreciating beer and brewing as an art form and a collaborative and welcoming space.

Not only is this Sam’s story, this is a story for women in the brewing industry. A story about collaboration bringing women back into the fold of a story they began hundreds of years ago.

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About Pink Boots Society and Pink Boots Collab Brew Day

Sam’s recipe for the Pink Boots Collab Brew Day, Like a Girl, resonates that belief in all aspects of the process. As a former Pink Boots Chapter Head and current member, Sam loves bringing women together to brew beer. It’s educational, but more importantly, it builds community and gives women a voice in a male dominated industry.

“Bringing a light to the fact that there hasn’t been a place for women in this craft beer industry for quite awhile is really important and that’s what we do with these collab brew days is to try to bring a light to the fact that there is a place for women and beer. Women love beer and they do belong in this industry.”

Sam Danen, Third Space Brewing

Pink Boots Society ensures that women have a place in craft beer today.

An international organization for women and nonbinary individuals who work in the fermented beverage industry, Pink Boots Society provides educational opportunities for their members. Their biggest fundraiser is their collaborative brew day centered around International Women’s Day.

Like A Girl Brew Day Group photo 2024
Pink Boots Collab Brew Day at Third Space (photo courtesy of Third Space)

About Third Space Brewing

Third Space Brewing is an avid participant in Pink Boots Society, recognizing the need to celebrate the women in the industry. Founded by two long time friends, Kevin and Andy, these two don’t just run a business, they are actively engaged in the craft beer industry and the community. Third Space was founded on the premise to give everyone “permission to pause and enjoy a great beer with great company. You have your home, you have your work, but everyone needs a third space.”

Drink Like a Girl

Let’s continue the conversation. Talk about women in brewing. Use your voice. Ask questions. Be curious. And if you love beer, by all means, drink Like a Girl. After all, beer is actually a girly drink.

Thanks, Alewives! You’ve paved the path, and we’re finally getting back on it. Or maybe, we’re paving a new one.

Like a Girl is released on March 8, International Women’s Day, in the taproom at Third Space Brewing.

Like a Girl beer can
Drink Like a Girl (photo courtesy of Third Space)

Can’t make it to Third Space? There are hundreds of breweries across the globe participating in the Pink Boots Collab Brew Day for International Women’s Day. Get out there and drink like a girl!

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1 month ago

Thanks for highlighting this Milwaukee brewery! They’ve done an amazing job with the space in the valley. I love their tap handles and the beers I’ve tried. Can’t wait until my travels return me to the area for another visit!