International B Corp Certified Breweries are Crafting a Globally Conscious World

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With more than 20,000 craft breweries represented in over 200 countries across the globe, being aware of how breweries impact the environment isn’t just something that should be done, it’s something that needs to be done. The international breweries listed below go above and beyond in what they do to create sustainable practices that have a positive impact on the total environment. Because of this, they are recognized as B Corp Certified Breweries.

B Corp Certified Breweries Begin With Sustainability

To be a B Corp Certified Company means a lot of things but one of the greatest is that it is a company that is helping to “realize a vision of an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative world.” It means that sustainability needs to be at the heart of a brewery, even more than business.

That may sound extreme, but sustainability doesn’t just mean using organic hops and local ingredients, it includes sustainable use of human resources and regenerative practices, which B Corp holds as its highest standard.

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At the heart of a sustainable brewery is its community.

International B Corp Certified Breweries

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As the people who inhabit the space inside breweries, no matter the country we may happen to be in, one way we can contribute to the social and environmental sustainability of breweries is to support B Corp Certified Breweries. To make that easier for you, we have compiled a list of International B Corp Certified Breweries.

Be proud of the beer you’re drinking.

In no particular order…

Black Isle Brewing Co Ltd – Scotland (various locations)

Black Isle was founded in 1998 with a single core principle at its heart. Black Isle brews a variety of beer with the intent of minimizing their impact on nature while spreading knowledge of environmental causes. 

Deck and Donohue – Paris, France

Deck and Donohue is an independent Paris brewery offering a wide range of taste and mission-driven beers, all 100% organic certified. They are committed to ultra-local sourcing and agro-ecological change.

Brøl – København, Denmark

Brøl is a Danish brewery passionate about the food waste issue at the heart of the beer industry. They are in the process of developing zero waste beer technology and reducing the waste producing beer causes.

Young Henrys – Newtown, Australia

Young Henrys is a collective of brewers, distillers, and artists united for the love of creating good drinks and ensuring that those drinks serve the people who drink them.

Brick Lane Brewing Co – Dandenong South, Australia

Brick Lane is Australia’s largest independent brewery and the largest B Corp certified brewery in the country. They lead the industry in taking direct action to invest in long term sustainability projects and diversity within the beer industry.

Capital Brewing Company – Fyshwick, Australia

Capital Brewing Co is another of the largest independent craft breweries in Australia. Capital is the first brewery in its country to be 100% Climate Active Carbon Neutral Certified and helps lead the push for sustainability in the industry. 

4 Pines – Australia (various locations)

4 Pines is committed to learning constantly how to grow as a sustainably-minded and community serving brewery. They are 1% for the Planet members and certified Great Places to Work Australia. 

Stone & Wood Brewing Company – Australia (various locations)

Stone and Wood is a brewery founded on the impact they can have on the environment and their community as a local brewer. They also have a focus on brewing approachable beers to provide a more accessible brewery experience.

Brasserie Leopold7 – Belgium (various locations)

Brasserie Leopold7 is a Belgian craft brewery with an emphasis on sustainable practices and eco-responsibility and accountability.

Brussels Beer Project – Brussels, Belgium (and various locations)

Brussels Beer Project is a Belgian craft brewery holding core values of experimentation alongside collaboration and impact. They created the first beer made with recycled bread in 2015, pioneering a circular economy in beer.

Brasserie de Brunehaut – Brunehaut, Belgium

The Brunehaut Craft Brewery was founded in 1890 in Belgium. Over its 130 year existence they have held respect to humanity and nature at their core. 

7Peaks Brasserie – Morgins, Switzerland

7Peaks is a family owned brewery located 1300 meters high in the Swiss Alps. With that location they strive to protect the mountains around them. They seek a local impact by not reaching for a large mass marketed product but a small outreach to their local community. 

Sawmill Brewery – Matakana, New Zealand

Sawmill Brewery is intent on protecting and preserving the earth’s shared resources: land, sea, soil, and water. They acknowledge the native people whose land they operate on and contribute to a locally sourced product by using New Zealand grown hops and barley.

Lucky Saint – United Kingdom (various locations)

Lucky Saint is the UK’s largest alcohol free beer brand. They champion change through a partnership with Harry Corin and Mental Health First Aid.

Drop Bear Beer Co – United Kingdom (various locations)

Drop Bear Beer is a brewery pushing for quality alcohol free craft brews. They strive to do so while actively participating in efforts to create a better community and environment for those beers and their drinkers to exist in. 

Stroud Brewery – Stroud, England

Stroud Brewery was established in 2006 with the goal to brew beer as a thriving enterprise that supports their community, the environment, and other local businesses. They are housed in an ecologically sympathetic building, bringing people together and supporting the local economy.

Small Beer Brew Co. Ltd – London, England

Small Beer Brew Co specializes in brewing classic beer styles below 2.8%. This comes from a push for beer to be a more welcome presence in everyday life without coming with a particular inebriation. Small Beer Brew Co is pushing for innovation and for consumers to demand more from the beer they drink.

Toast Ale – London, England

Toast Ale brews planet-saving beer with excess fresh bread, donating all profits to charities that fix their local food system. Toast’s mission is to change the food waste issue that our planet faces.

Really Good Beer Society – Edmonton, North London, England

Really Good Beer brews distinctive beer with the intention of making the world a better place. They hold a ‘conscious brewing’ philosophy to ensure ethics and sustainability are an uncompromised aspect of their function.

Cervecera Guayacán – Chile (various locations)

Guayacán brews beer with renewable energy while including their local community. They drive the development of regional tourism with guided tours of their facilities.

High Park Brewery – Toronto, Canada

High Park Brewery brews beer using all natural ingredients free of preservatives. They are committed to using sustainable environmental best practices with a focus on social responsibility.

Collectif Brassicole Ensemble Inc – Quebec, Canada

Collectif Brassicole is a Quebec based micro-brewery dedicated to using only whole-organic products and ingredients to better serve their community. 

Persephone Brewing Company – Gibsons, Canada

Persephone is a unique brewery located on an 11 acre farm in British Columbia. They brew beer with onsite farmed hops and honey while also sourcing local grown and malted barley. They also hold a focus on making their business accessible to people with developmental disabilities, both as a profession and as visitors. 

U.S. B Corp Certified Breweries – U.S. (various locations)

There are almost 20 breweries in the U.S. holding the prestigious title of a B Corp Certification. Each of them are going above and beyond what its means to be conscious of humanity and the planet.

Breweries Craft a Global Community

While our site spends a lot of time focusing on communities in the United States, traveling outside of the U.S. is something that is highly valuable to those with the means to do so.

We share a deeply globalized world by way of the internet, yet what is lost through that is a true deep connection between human beings existing together.

To build a more accessible and equitable world, traveling and experiencing each others space is one of the best ways to do so for those that are able. Existing in that shared passion space fosters conversations and community.

So when you find yourself outside of the U.S., seek out a B Corp Certified Brewery when you can, and find new people and places to love!

Learn More About What it Takes to be B Corp Certified

To learn more about what it takes to be B Corp certified, click here.

To learn the details on what each of the U.S. B Corp Certified Breweries are doing to achieve this certification, click here and search for the ones you want to learn more about.

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