ÖlBröder Cerveza Artesanal: Craft Brewery Stories from Colombia

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What do you get when you put two brothers, a dog, and beer together? Sounds like a recipe for a story in the making. And that is exactly how ÖlBröder Cerveza Artesanal, a craft brewery in Medellín, Colombia, was crafted. From two brothers with a passion for a challenge, a desire to create beer with a Colombian flair, and a story behind all that they brew. This is one story behind the many craft breweries in Medellín, Colombia.

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Finding Craft Breweries in Medellín, Colombia

Visiting Medellín with a goal of experiencing a different culture than the U.S., we also knew we wanted to seek out the craft beer scene. Not knowing where to start, we did what any traveler does in the 21st century – Googled it. And after finding some widely known and widely distributed breweries – but not so widely considered cervecería artesanals (craft breweries), we finally made it to ÖlBröder, an intimate craft brewery in the heart of Medellín. While they may not have an impressive wall of taps, what they do have is uniquely crafted brews, many using local ingredients, and all solid in their styles.

ÖlBröder Cerveza Artesanal a craft brewery in Medellín Colombia at night

Meet Julian from ÖlBröder Cerveza Artesanal

From the moment we walked into ÖlBröder, we knew we wanted to find out more. So when we got the chance to sit down with Julian, one of the brothers, we didn’t hesitate. Former engineer and teacher, Julian now gets to bring both of those careers back to the forefront as a brewer. And his passion for all of the above is evidenced in the beer he brews, the joy he gets out of educating his customers, and the ambiance of his community-minded taproom.

Ironically, though, when he first started brewing, Julian didn’t even like beer. But he took on the personal challenge of brewing because he loved the process, consequently falling in love with the process, and ultimately, the beer.

Julian Ken April with beer in front of dog mural at ÖlBröder in Medellín Colombia a craft brewery in Medellín
Hangin’ with the dogs (and of course, Julian) at ÖlBröder!

“The craft brewer has to be a passionate person. You have to be a nerd in beer, always looking for perfection. It’s hard but that’s the soul of beer.” 


Gone to the Dogs at ÖlBröder Cerveza Artesanal

Every brewery needs a brewery dog, and ÖlBröder is no different. Meet Duna, the third brother. Found wandering the streets as a puppy, this little black dog needed a home, and Julian obliged. While she has since crossed the Rainbow Bridge, her memory lives on through the artwork in the taproom and the beer we drink while conversing and laughing with friends. Every beer name has a story, and these beer names have all gone to the dogs.

Take a trip with us to Medellín’s craft breweries, and listen in as we talk to Julian all about the story behind his brewery, behind the name, and behind the beers. You’ll learn a bit about how breweries function in Colombia, and how Julian and his brother create a community that is distinctly Colombian, welcoming in locals, tourists, ex-pats, and digital nomads – bringing them all together with tastings, language meet-ups, music, and more. This is Medellín, Colombia, craft beer.

Language Meetup at ÖlBröder Cerveza Artesanal in Medellín Colombia a craft brewery in Medellín
ÖlBröder – A place to connect over good beer. This was a language meetup.

¡Que Chimba! (many translations, but basically – This is cool and we’re super-stoked!)


Taking your own trip to Medellín and need to know where all the beer is? After our trip, we compiled everything you need to know about finding craft beer in Medellín.

Wether you need a brewery, beer bar, or something to bring back home, wherever that may be, we’ve got you covered!

Oh, the beers we drank!

  • Hechicero Grut Beer – ÖlBröder
  • Cuatro Patas Belgian Dark Strong Ale (Quad) – ÖlBröder
  • Perro Negro Cacao Stout – ÖlBröder
  • Sabueso Session Red IPA – ÖlBröder
  • Foxey Pub – El Poblado, Medellín
  • Burns Family Artisan Ales – Denver, CO

Connect with ÖlBröder

ÖlBröder Cerveza Artesanal
Cra 43D #10-77 El Poblado, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia


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“We appreciate you highlighting our brewery on your podcast, your enthusiasm for craft breweries, travel and adventure and the patronage of not only you, but the friends you bring into Tres Litros.”

Jason at Tres Litros Beer Co

“Ken and April do a fantastic job of mixing the culture of beer and adventure into something akin to a fine barrel-aged sour. They are wise beyond their years. Loving this podcast and it will be on our weekly playlist for SURE!”

The Dog In Us


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Shout Outs:

Julian, it was so fantastic to meet you, to hang out, to talk, to drink, and to simply enjoy your company and your space. Thank you for your patience with us as we tried to speak Spanish. And we still practice every day. You and your brother are kind and welcoming! We can’t wait to meet up again – wherever that may be in the world.


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