Best Books to be a Well-Read Craft Beer Enthusiast

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Finding the best craft beer books is one thing. But finding ones that make you a well-read craft beer enthusiast is another thing entirely. You can liken that same thought to drinking craft beer is one thing. But loving craft beer is yet another thing entirely.

Because in love we strive to understand, learn, and enjoy something. The easiest way to do all three of these at once is to read. From graphic novels to tasting guides to children’s (or rather your inner child) books, there is a book that will take your love of beer and give it a new well rounded understanding! You’ll not only be a craft beer lover, you’ll be an educated craft beer lover.

The Best Craft Beer Books You’ll Always Love

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best craft beer books that are sure to make you the well rounded beer enthusiast you’ve always wanted to become. This short but sweet list has something for everyone. Including tasting guides, essays, novels, and…a kid’s book?!

The Perfect Tasting Guide

Tasting Beer: An Insider’s Guide to the World’s Greatest Drink
by Randy Mosher

If you have ever dreamed of feeling like your own personal certified beer server, look no further. In this pinnacle of a beer book, you will learn more than you ever thought you could know about beer, including its rich history. This is one of the best craft beer books on the market and belongs on every beer lover’s shelf.

But be prepared to take months to finish this book. Why? Because it will make you want to stop and sprint to your local brewery and taste every single beer mentioned.

Culturally Conscious Craft Beer

Untapped: Exploring the Cultural Dimensions of Craft Beer
edited by Nathaniel G. Chapman, J. Slade Lellock, and Cameron D. Lippard.

If there is one thing we know for certain, it is that beer holds roots in community. There may be one craft beer community, but to say there is only one culture is an understatement.

In Untapped you get to exercise your mind and social comprehension by looking at how craft beer influences the cultures and communities we exist in. And how those communities and cultures effect craft beer. If you want to be an immensely smarter beer drinker this is the craft beer book you need to read. 

History Lessons with Pretty Pictures

The Comic Book Story of Beer
by Jonathan Hennessy, Mike Smith, and Aaron McConnell

There is something absolutely beautiful about the art of beer: every color, every note, every hop, every glass. So it only makes sense that the quintessential book for the history of beer is filled with its own beautiful art.

The Comic Book Story of Beer gives you everything you need to know about the history of this perfect little magical drink. From its origin stories, its cultures, and all the different lives it has impacted, there’s much to learn about craft beer.

Craft Beer Beach Read

The Lager Queen of Minnesota
by J. Ryan Stradal

Have you found yourself on a perfect warm summer day overlooking say a beautiful farm in Minnesota with a wonderful summer IPA and wonder what could make this better? This is your answer.

For any beer enthusiast with a warm summer afternoon to kill, one must find themself entangled in the family saga of siblinghood and a deep love of beer. After all, as true beer geeks, even our fiction needs to be about beer.

A Bedtime Story for Beer Drinkers

Goodnight Brew: A Parody for Beer People
by Karla Oceanak and Allie Ogg

Picture this. It is somewhere around midnight. You are the designated driver for the night. And your buddy absolutely took full advantage of that. They tasted every single beer they read about in Randy Mosher’s Tasting Beer and are now home pestering you to read them a bedtime story as if they are a child you must put to bed.

This beer book is your perfect solution. Full of all the nostalgia of a bedtime tale and all the adult love of beer, Goodnight Brew is a wonderfully silly little book about beer.

The Perfect Pairing Guide

The Brewmaster’s Table: Discovering the Pleasures of Real Beer with Real Food
by Garrett Oliver

Garrett Oliver, award-winning Brewmaster and Vice President of Production of the Brooklyn Brewery is the genius behind this book. Not only is Garrett highly knowledgeable, but he is also a well-versed storyteller.

Truly one of the best craft beer books on the market. Whether you’re a beer lover, brand new to beer, a chef, or just someone who loves an adventure with beer and food, this classic craft beer book is a must in any beer aficionado’s library.

The Best Craft Beer Books Make the Best Craft Beer Drinkers

While the best way to learn about craft beer is to surround yourself with fellow beer lovers, beer in hand, the next best thing might just be the words and images on the pages of a book.

Whether you want to know more about the cultural aspects of the business or simply want to enjoy the story of a fictional family finding their way through life with beer, these craft beer books are just what any beer lover needs to be the designated well-read beer drinker at any brewery!

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