Gift Ideas for Travel and Craft Beer Lovers

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We are pretty sure you have been bombarded with all things Amazon and Cyber Monday, so we figured we’d keep the trend going, and at least give you some ideas. So, here’s to finding that perfect gift, or at least sparking an idea that wasn’t there before.

And if you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for here, just click on the image below to continue shopping for exactly what you want… it’s really that easy!

In the Kitchen

We love Silipint. We have a bowl, several pint glasses, lids, straws, and even a wineglass. These things won’t break, burn, freeze…they are almost indestructible.

Silipint Dishes

Magnetic Spice Rack and Spices

We don’t have one of these, but we see them in so many RV’s, now we want one. Shoot, I may find this on my wish list.

Colorful & Functional Knives

After our kids constantly told us that our knives suck (they did), we got these as a gift last year, and they are awesome. Not only do they match our colorful curtains, they actually cut stuff.

Books and Journals

Living in an RV

Whether you want to move into an RV full time or you just don’t know yet, this will be a great guide. Alyssa Padgett, author, mom, entrepreneur, and all-around rock star inspired us. Maybe she will inspire you.

Sweet Ass Journal to Develop Your Happiness Muscle

Dude, just the name is cool! We both have one of these, and it was a great way to jump into creating our travel life. With pages that help you set goals and downsize (whether that’s physical or mental stuff), this is one motivating journal.

Craft Beer Adventure Journal

Well, since we actually created this journal, we should be selling it. I can honestly tell you, though, that if we didn’t write this, I would still buy it and use it. My favorite section is the space to record the adventures and people that match the beer.

Follow Your Detour

We met Lindsay McKenzie a couple of years ago at an RV conference for entrepreneurs. She inspired us then and continues to do so now. Life rarely goes your way, so learn how to follow your detour, and do so with grace.

Things to Keep You Sane

Crazy Socks

One of weird traditions for Christmas is socks in the stocking every year. Not just any socks, crazy socks. These exact ones need to be in mine just because of what they say, “I’m a delicate f**king flower.” See what I mean?


uKeg Copper Growler

We got this last year as a Christmas gift – so friggin cool to be able to get beer from your favorite brewery, place it into your fridge (even ours in the RV), and then pour beer whenever you want it. Oh but you have regular glass growlers? Throw ’em out! Buy this instead!

Beer Cap Map

Time for a scavenger hunt. Go to every state, save your favorite bottle cap from each state, place it in your beautiful new bottle cap map, open another beer, and tell your friends the story behind each bottle cap.

Backpacking Cooler

Don’t have this yet, need it now. We spend so much time lugging around beer and ice to share with everyone, this would make it so much easier. Take it with you on the river, on the mountain, in the desert, you know…anywhere.

Artsy Fartsy

Wall Tapestry

We ordered a wall tapestry a few years ago as a gift for a friend, and it was so pretty, I almost kept it myself. Drab room? This will change your room and your attitude.

Painting Canvases

Find the inner artist within you. When it’s dark at 4:30, what else are you going to do? Social Media gets boring after awhile; start creating!

Electronics and Gadgets

Apple AirPods with Charging Case

I want these! Headphones are a pain in the ass. Always tangled, and I swear one day I’m going to face plant on the treadmill because I tripped over one end of them. Stay safe, buy Apple AirPods.

LuminAID Solar Inflatable Lantern

Camping, hiking, living in an RV – this thing is solar charged and charges your phone and deflates when you need to pack it out of the way and quickly inflates when you need to see if your steak is done or not. It does everything; it might even cook that steak for you (not happening).

Happy shopping! May you find that perfect gift!

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