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Whatever holiday you celebrate or if you just need to tell someone you love them via a gift, there is no need to sweat over it. From the gift of beer, to silly stocking stuffers, to life changing books, we have the perfect gift ideas for the traveler and craft beer lovers in your life!

There are just some gifts that are better than others. We think these featured gifts for craft beer and travel lovers are some of the best beer gifts!

Craft Beer Adventure Journal

Craft beer, community, and adventures are personal experiences. Your beer and travel journal should be the same. A space to record your journey, beer included.

Organized within six regions of the U.S. and some extra pages at the end for those once-in-a-lifetime jaunts across the seas, this journal is made for beer-cationers and locals alike. It is the perfect match to your adventurous craft beer lifestyle.

Craft Beer Adventure Journal - book

happy faces with flights of beer at Bonsai Montana

Tickets to Camp Carpe Diem

Presented by Hammock Universe

Like to travel? Want community on the road How about craft beer and campfire time? Join us at the coolest adult camp ever! Get a ticket for you and one for a friend. Use code STOUTFRENZ10 for $10 off each ticket.

Stout Life Craft Beer Travel Mug

Every Stout Lifer needs a unique mug for sipping their favorite beverage. This Stout Life mug is lightweight, durable and multifunctional. Use it for your coffee or any other drink of choice.

American Homebrewers Membership

Whether you homebrew or not, an American Homebrewers Association membership gives a year of discounts at over 2,000 breweries and offers members only events along with early access to purchase tickets at the Great American Beer Festival.

You really can’t go wrong with this gift, although now all your friends will ever want to do is either make beer or drink beer. Not a bad idea.

AHA Member Card Sample

Harvest Hosts 30% OFF HolidayHH 2023

Harvest Hosts Membership

Harvest Hosts is a great place for RVers and van-lifers to find overnight stays at breweries, vineyards, museums, farms, and all types of local businesses.

These sites make for great stopovers on any road-trip, whether you’re a full-time traveler or just out for a week or two.

More Gifts for the Craft Beer Lover

Pub Pass

Pub Pass - St Louis

The Pub Pass is a booklet similar to a passport that you can purchase for around $25, depending upon what city you’re in. And then when you take said Pub Pass to a participating brewery, you get a free beer and a stamp in your passport booklet. You pay a fixed price for what is essentially a passport to craft beer goodness.

It’s a one time use at each location, but there are generally 15 to 25 breweries or pubs participating. The Pub Pass is available for several cities across the U.S. You can buy them online at: Get a Pub Pass.

Copper uKeg

What’s better than going out for beer with your buddies? How about if you can bring your buddies over for some great beer from your own, personal, pressurized copper growler?

Better than the glass growlers you normally see, the uKeg is vacuum sealed and pressurized to keep beer fresh for a couple of weeks. Order on Amazon: 64 oz. Copper uKeg

Beerdrinker’s Glassware Set

Love the glassware you get to drink out of when heading to your favorite brewery? We do, too. And we bet your friends like them just as much as you and I do. The problem, though, is that if we are constantly heading out to breweries to enjoy the glassware, we might go broke.

So, if you can’t get make it to the brewery for glassware, that is problem solved with this glassware set from Libby. Although it may not be the exact glassware at your favorite brewery, it comes pretty damn close. Taste beer the way it’s meant to be tasted – in the appropriate glassware. You might want to get two sets, so you’re not arguing over who gets what glass.

Of Course, Socks…Beer Socks

We all do it. It’s a tradition that isn’t going away anytime soon. Only because it’s easy and everyone needs them.

Socks are a part of Christmas morning as much as Christmas pajamas, so why not make this craft beer gift all about socks? Beer socks, of course! Get a pair or two today!

Beer Soap

Yes, you read that correctly, beer soap. No, you won’t smell like beer. But the soap is made from real beer and natural ingredients such as oats, hops, orange peel, and more. It’s rich in vitamins and minerals giving your craft beer lover a craft beer gift that’s truly unique and good for their skin. Plus, it smells good.

Beer soap up before heading out for a night on the town. That’s some self care that any craft beer enthusiast can tackle. Click here to get soapy.

Craft Beer and Brewing Subscription

Beer and Brewing Magazine Christmas Gift

A magazine?! Old school, right! It also comes in digital format, but there are those that love the feel of an actual piece of literature.And if your gift receiver is as craft beer geeky as they say they are, then Craft Beer and Brewing Magazine is for them. Subscribe now to Craft Beer & Brewing for a gift that gives more than once.

Books for Craft Beer Drinkers

The Perfect Tasting Guide

Tasting Beer: An Insider’s Guide to the World’s Greatest Drink
by Randy Mosher

If you have ever dreamed of feeling like your own personal certified beer server, look no further. In this pinnacle of a beer book, you will learn more than you ever thought you could know about beer, including its rich history. This is one of the best craft beer books on the market and belongs on every beer lover’s shelf.

But be prepared to take months to finish this book. Why? Because it will make you want to stop and sprint to your local brewery and taste every single beer mentioned.

Culturally Conscious Craft Beer

Untapped: Exploring the Cultural Dimensions of Craft Beer
edited by Nathaniel G. Chapman, J. Slade Lellock, and Cameron D. Lippard.

If there is one thing we know for certain, it is that beer holds roots in community. There may be one craft beer community, but to say there is only one culture is an understatement.

In Untapped you get to exercise your mind and social comprehension by looking at how craft beer influences the cultures and communities we exist in. And how those communities and cultures effect craft beer. If you want to be an immensely smarter beer drinker this is the craft beer book you need to read. 

History Lessons with Pretty Pictures

The Comic Book Story of Beer
by Jonathan Hennessy, Mike Smith, and Aaron McConnell

There is something absolutely beautiful about the art of beer: every color, every note, every hop, every glass. So it only makes sense that the quintessential book for the history of beer is filled with its own beautiful art.

The Comic Book Story of Beer gives you everything you need to know about the history of this perfect little magical drink. From its origin stories, its cultures, and all the different lives it has impacted, there’s much to learn about craft beer.

Craft Beer Beach Read

The Lager Queen of Minnesota
by J. Ryan Stradal

Have you found yourself on a perfect warm summer day overlooking say a beautiful farm in Minnesota with a wonderful summer IPA and wonder what could make this better? This is your answer.

For any beer enthusiast with a warm summer afternoon to kill, one must find themself entangled in the family saga of siblinghood and a deep love of beer. After all, as true beer geeks, even our fiction needs to be about beer.

A Bedtime Story for Beer Drinkers

Goodnight Brew: A Parody for Beer People
by Karla Oceanak and Allie Ogg

Picture this. It is somewhere around midnight. You are the designated driver for the night. And your buddy absolutely took full advantage of that. They tasted every single beer they read about in Randy Mosher’s Tasting Beer and are now home pestering you to read them a bedtime story as if they are a child you must put to bed.

This beer book is your perfect solution. Full of all the nostalgia of a bedtime tale and all the adult love of beer, Goodnight Brew is a wonderfully silly little book about beer.

The Perfect Pairing Guide

The Brewmaster’s Table: Discovering the Pleasures of Real Beer with Real Food
by Garrett Oliver

Garrett Oliver, award-winning Brewmaster and Vice President of Production of the Brooklyn Brewery is the genius behind this book. Not only is Garrett highly knowledgeable, but he is also a well-versed storyteller.

Truly one of the best craft beer books on the market. Whether you’re a beer lover, brand new to beer, a chef, or just someone who loves an adventure with beer and food, this classic craft beer book is a must in any beer aficionado’s library.

Craft Gifts for Craft Beer Travelers

Beer Cap Map

Time for a scavenger hunt. Go to every state, save your favorite bottle cap from each state, place it in your beautiful new bottle cap map, open another beer, and tell your friends the story behind each bottle cap.

Silicone Cups & Dishware

We love Silipint. Our cupboards are stock full of bowls, whiskey glasses, coffee cups, wine glasses, and and storage containers. These things won’t break, burn, freeze…they are almost indestructible. Perfect for traveling and making your cupboards as colorful as your life.

Colorful & Functional Knives

After our kids constantly told us that our knives suck (they did), we got these Cuisinart knives as a gift, and they are awesome. Not only do they match our colorful curtains, they actually cut stuff.

Backpacking Cooler

Don’t have an IceMule Cooler yet? You need one now. We spend so much time lugging around beer and ice to share with everyone, this would make it so much easier. Take it with you on the river, on the mountain, in the desert, you know…anywhere.

Wall Tapestry

We ordered a wall tapestry a few years ago as a gift for a friend, and it was so pretty, I almost kept it myself. Drab room? This will change your room and your attitude. And if your room happens to be an RV? It still works. Or you can get creative and use it as a curtain or a space separator. Or how about the backdrop for your traveling taproom? Now that’s a unique beer gift.

Apple AirPods with Charging Case

Apple AirPods have changed the headphone game, making it easy to listen to anything anywhere. Without disturbing anyone!

LuminAID Solar Inflatable Lantern

Camping, hiking, living in an RV – the LuminAID Lantern is solar charged and can even charge your phone. Best of all it deflates when you need to pack it out of the way and quickly inflates when you need to see if your steak is done or not.

Camping Hammock

two people in a hammock

For on the road relaxation, a camping hammock from Hammock Universe will do the job quite nicely! Sipping on a drink, reading a book, or just hanging around, it’s easy to set up, easy to store, and easy to use.

Need More Craft Beer & Travel Gift Ideas?

Didn’t find what you wanted? No worries. You can find more ideas on our Amazon store, and search for anything from there. Or more Stout Life swag in our Stout Life store. Shop now, time is running out!

Nothing Better than a Good Present!

When you want to give something – we know you give kindness daily – find something the craft beer traveler in your life not only wants, but needs. Every craft beer lover and traveler you know can benefit from any one of these gifts for craft beer lovers.

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