10 Best Craft Beer Holiday Gifts

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With Christmas and the New Year right around the corner, you might be left scrambling to find the perfect gifts for that Craft Beer Lover in your life. Fear not, being a ginormous craft beer geek, I know just what presents will make that Craft Beer Lover in your life happy.

1) Reflection: Craft Beer Adventure Journal

Craft Beer Adventure Journal - book

Craft beer, community, and adventures are personal experiences. Your beer and travel journal should be the same. We created the Craft Beer Adventure Journal as a space to record the beer you drink, the breweries you visit, the food you eat, the people you meet, and the adventures you have.

Organized within six regions of the U.S. and some extra pages at the end if you need more space or for those once-in-a-lifetime jaunts across the seas, this journal is made for beer-cationers and locals alike. It is the perfect match to your adventurous craft beer lifestyle. Click here to purchase now.

2) Easy-Peasy: Craft Beer Schwag

a bunch of craft beer stuff such as shirts, hats, koozies, and more

Stop by your Craft Beer Lover’s favorite local brewery and pick up a gift card. Pair it up with a t-shirt or some fancy glassware from the brewery to make it a little extra special, although all of them individually are great craft beer gifts. Nearly every craft brewery these days can do a gift-card of some sort (some even do e-gift cards) and has some killer merchandise. Trust me, I’m a mondo beer geek and I’m stoked when I get any such gifts!

3) Keeps Giving All Year: AHA Membership

Whether you homebrew or not, an American Homebrewers Association membership gives a year of discounts at over 2,000 breweries and offers members only events along with early access to purchase tickets at GABF. You really can’t go wrong with this gift, although now all your friends will ever want to do is either make beer or drink beer.

4) Extra Special: Special Release Bottles

Pick up a bottle of some super-special release craft beer. Let’s face it, all craft beer geeks want to taste that special Barrel-Aged Double Mocha Coffee Crunch Imperial Stout that was bottled two years ago and aged to perfection or that Quadruple Face-Implosion IPA, but it often doesn’t come at a price that you can justify on a night out with your crafty crew. So when that special bottle with a bow wrapped around it is sitting under the tree on Christmas morning, that feeling that Santa has been good to me this year is going to bowl them over. Shoot, why not make this one stick and start a new tradition?

Pub Pass - St Louis
5) Free Beer: Pub Pass

I’ve bought the Pub Pass in Denver a couple of times and love it! You pay a fixed price for what is essentially a passport to craft beer goodness. The Pub Pass is a booklet that you can purchase for $15 to $25, depending upon what city you’re in, and then when you to take said Pub Pass to a participating brewery, you get a free beer and they stamp your Pub Pass. It’s a one time use at each location, but there are generally 15 to 25 breweries or pubs participating. The Pub Pass is available for several cities across the U.S. You can buy them online at: Get a Pub Pass.

uKeg 64oz Copper Plated
6) Shoot for the Moon: 64 oz. Copper uKeg

What’s better than going out for beer with your buddies? How about if you can bring your buddies over for some great beer from your own, personal, pressurized copper growler? Way better than the glass growlers you normally see, the uKeg is vacuum sealed and pressurized to keep beer fresh for a couple of weeks. Order on Amazon: 64 oz. Copper uKeg

7) Bathe in Beer: Craft IPA Shampoo and Beer Soap

Okay, so I’ll admit, these really aren’t on my wish list, but I do believe I’ve had some rather saucy dreams about it. How about a little craft beer in your shampoo? Maybe your Craft Beer Lover isn’t a beer brewer, but really wants to smell like one. What better way than to rinse a little IPA through that mane? Take it one step further and get the soap to go along with the shampoo… there is no way with the two in combination that he or she doesn’t invoke the yearning for craft beer everywhere they go! Order on Amazon: Craft Beer Soap. Order on Amazon: Craft IPA Shampoo.

8) Stocking Stuffers: Beer Candles and Jelly Beans

Not every present is meant to bowl you over, but beer candles and beer jellybeans just might. Since candles always seem to be a big hit for the holidays, why not beer them up? This little set of three craft candles runs the gamut from beer to whiskey to champagne. Stockings also require candy, so why not give ‘em a little taste of the good stuff with beer-flavored jelly beans! Order on Amazon: Jelly Belly Draft Beer Jelly Beans. Order on Amazon: Happy Hour Candle Set.

9) Exercise: Walking Tours

Paradox Beer Co in Rifle Co wouldn't quite work on a walking tour but it could be a Colorado mountain tour

This is a fun gift, especially if you are also a Craft Beer Lover yourself. Put together a little craft beer tour. My wife and I travel all over the U.S. and one thing we’ve learned is that in most towns or cities of any size there are bound to be multiple breweries, wineries, and/or distilleries. Take a minute and map out a walking, biking, or Lyft/Uber tour of your city or town or one nearby and then make a night of it. Invite some of your best craft beer geek friends. For an idea of what I’m talking about, check out our “Walking Brewery Tour of Portland, Maine”

Too busy to create a walking tour on your own, but love the idea? Then consult the experts, us! We will craft (pun intended) a brewery tour specialized to your craft beer tastes. For more information, click here to learn more about Beercation Consultations.

10) Educational: Homebrewing and More!

A magazine?! Old school, right! It also comes in digital format, but there are those that love the feel of an actual piece of literature. And if your gift receiver is as craft beer geeky as they say they are, then Craft Beer and Brewing Magazine is for them. Subscribe now to Craft Beer & Brewing for a gift that gives more than once.

The most important thing to remember when shopping for your Craft Beer Lover is that you are not shopping for yourself.  But, hey, if you are also a Craft Beer Lover, then just double the ingredients.  One for me, and one for you!

Happy Shopping!

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