Quick Sips: Best Breweries in Nashville

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Yes, we know you head to Nashville for the music and the hot chicken sandwiches, but you can’t leave before first checking out some of the best breweries in Nashville. Yes, there are breweries here, not only music venues and bars.

Even if you can only tear yourself away from Broadway for just a moment, we’ll make that moment easy, so there’s no time wasted. But really, is time wasted when you’re at a brewery, good beer in hand…in Nashville! We think not.

If you’ve only got time for a brewery or two, here are three of some of the best breweries in Nashville, Tennessee.

🍺 Quick Sips 🍺

🍻 Quick tips on which breweries to visit when you only have time for one or two. 🍻

Music Before Beer

But first…music…and beer!

Nashville is known for its numerous live music venues and neon lights that line the very popular street called Broadway. Here, you’ll find blocks of honky-tonks with multi-level bars, rooftop decks, and live music everyday of the week from morning until late.

One of the best known Nashville honky-tonks is also one of the oldest, Robert’s Western World. You’ll get classic country in a unique setting full of cowboy boots and country art and bologna sandwiches. Yes, bologna sandwiches! And believe it or not, alongside the typical beers you would expect at a bar, you can even find a craft beer option or two. (Fan of dive bars? We are, too. Here are a few of our recommendations.)

Then there’s Music Row, where legends across decades have recorded many classic songs we all know and love. And you can’t forget the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Grand Ole Opry!

Best Breweries in Nashville

Music City, USA, has a lot to explore with its unique culture and vibe found all throughout the city. And Nashville breweries are a part of that culture. If you only have time for one or two…or three, these are a few of Nashville’s best breweries.

Fait la Force

Fait la Force is a Belgian inspired brewery with a focus on Belgian ales, farmhouses, and saisons. They also pride themselves on other European styles along with the must-have IPAs. Walking into this taproom is just as much a treat as their unique beers. You’ll be greeted with antique furniture, art with character, and an old Pepsi sign boasts all their beers on tap in an elegant fashion above the bar.


Connect: Fait la Force at 1414 3rd Ave. S. St. #101

Best attributes: creative brews in an elegant taproom setting

Serving: a focus on Belgian-style beers and other European styles, pub fare on site, pizza from neighboring Il Forno, and can bring in your own food. They also have a few NA options including NA beer, Kombucha, soda, and iced coffee.

Setting: open and welcome to sit where you please both indoors and out.

Beers we drank: Sunny Skidoo Belgian Witbier, Orchestral Fanfare Saison, Bespoke Dreams West Coast IPA

New Heights Brewing Co

New Heights is exactly what one expects when you think of a craft brewery. A space to drink with friends in both an inviting taproom and an expansive beer garden. A no frill space, but welcoming all the same, it’s the beers that will keep you coming back.

New Heights front entrance Nashvilles best breweries Tennessee


Connect: New Heights Brewing Co at 928 Rep. John Lewis Wy S.

Best attributes: It’s a brewery first and foremost with a diverse selection on more than 20 taps.

Serving: a wide variety of beers, ciders, seltzers, and a few NA options, alongside pizza (basic options) onsite and rotating food trucks

Setting: front and side patio and ample cozy seating space indoors, seat yourself and enjoy

Beers we drank: Pineapple IPA, Damguday Hazy IPA, Red Lasso Red Ale, There Gose Rita Gose, and more!

Tennessee Brew Works

When looking for a brewery that says Nashville, Tennessee Brew Works is that brewery. Located just three blocks south of Music City Convention Center, this Nashville brewery offers up live music and several floors of seating, including a dual level outdoor patio. Not only will you find a diverse selection of beer, but also spirits and an impressive food menu.

Tennessee Brew Works Nashville live music at the brewery


Connect: Tennessee Brew Works at 809 Ewing Ave.

Best attributes: downtown location with Nashville vibes

Serving: wide variety of craft beers on tap, along with wine, spirits, ciders, cocktails, NA options, an extensive list of whiskeys and full food menu with a focus on using their beers in their recipes

Setting: indoors and out, beer garden, and multi level taproom and patios, seat yourself and enjoy

Beers we drank: Southern Wit, 1927 West Coast IPA, Basil Ryeman Farmhouse Ale

More Nashville Breweries

We didn’t get to all of the breweries, but the ones we made it to are definitely worth the mention. So if you have more time, hit up more Nashville breweries, alongside more music, of course. What breweries will you find on your journey?

A Few More Nashville Breweries

What will you label Nashville’s best brewery?

If you’re looking for that perfect pairing of beer and music, you might have just found it in Nashville. The craft breweries here embrace the city they call home, with many of them hosting live music almost as much as the honky-tonks on Broadway.

Seek out the best breweries in Nashville as much as you would seek out the music. You won’t be disappointed!

musician at Tennessee Brew Works Nashvilles best breweries Tennessee
Beer and music go hand in hand in Nashville – Tennessee Brew Works

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