Ultimate Guide to Overnight Camping at Ski Resorts and Where to Drink Beer Afterwards

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Ever thought of parking or camping overnight at ski resorts? Us, too! But, before you go about making rash decisions about where to ski or ride this winter, maybe you shouldn’t be like us and rush into it. Instead, take a breath, and read on for all we know about ski camping.

We knew we wanted to snowboard for a season and live somewhere stationary while doing so even if in our RV. So we did a bit a research on the mountains, but nothing on where to ski camp (staying overnight at ski resorts that allow camping), until now.

Turns out there are many ski resorts where you can stay for extended periods of time, some even have RV hook-ups. Who knew? The ski resorts listed below allow you to camp in your RV overnight. Some are very pricey. Some are free. Some offer extended stays. Some offer one night. Whatever you find, know that we’ve also listed the nearby breweries, too. I mean, that’s what we do here. Craft Beer Travel and Adventure.

Kenny on the slopes Colorado overnight camping at ski resorts
This is why we snowboard!

A Note about the Beer Afterwards

We have visited many breweries in our travels, but not even close to all of them. Some of the many breweries listed below, we have visited, others we have not. Therefore, the breweries mentioned here are solely meant to be a resource to attempt to get you close to your much needed aprés ski beer.

And while we love craft breweries, we also love enjoying a beer on the slopes, so start with the mountain bars and restaurants, and then make your way (safely, of course) to the many craft breweries that seem to be (but not always) close to the slopes.

April and Kenny at ABasin drinking beer overnight camping in ski resort Colorado copy
Enjoying a beer on the slopes!

Ski Resorts Across the Nation that Allow Overnight Camping

We’ve camped overnight at a ski resort or two, so some of this research is from personal experience. We’ve also perused each resort’s website, and followed advice from others on their experiences. Through these, we did our best to find as many of the U.S. ski resorts that allow overnight parking. But honestly, we could have missed one or two. (So email us if you know any good ones!)

Let us know if something’s not on our list that should be. We want to make it easy to find the ski resorts that allow overnight camping, so you can enjoy the swoosh, swoosh, swooshing down the mountain right outside your front door without the hassles of traffic getting there.

We’ve got ski resort camping listed for you state by state in somewhat of a geographical order. If you don’t feel like scrolling, click the state you want to know more about, and you’ll be taken there immediately.

Washington Ski Resorts that Allow Overnight Camping


Location: Deming, WA
56 miles east of Bellingham

Overnight Parking:
Overnight parking is allowed in the Heather Meadows and White Salmon parking lots from opening day until April 22. There are no hookups, so you must be in a self-contained vehicle. With limited spots available, reservations are required. You can camp for up to seven nights and fees vary from $5 to $15 per night.

More Information:

Where’s the Beer?

  • The North Fork Brewery, Pizzeria, and Beer Shrine is 32 miles away.
  • Bellingham, 56 miles from the ski area, has around 10 craft breweries.


Location: Skykomish, WA
85 miles east of Seattle and 35 miles west of Leavenworth

Overnight Parking:
Stevens Pass has parking specifically available for RVs at the base of the ski hill through reservations only. Over 60 spaces, in fact, but they go fast, and they release half of them for early reservations early in the season, so plan ahead. You can stay up to 13 nights per month per RV with pricing starting at $53/per night.

More Information:

Where’s the Beer?

  • Smokey’s Restaurant & Brewery is 16 miles away.
  • Many, many breweries in nearby Seattle, only two hours away. Click here for a guide to some of Seattle’s best breweries.
  • Less than an hour’s drive, you’ll find around ten breweries in Leavenworth.


Location: Snoqualmie Pass, WA
50 miles east of Seattle

Overnight Parking:
Vans, RV’s, and trailers are allowed to camp and park overnight at one of two lots: Alpental Lot 3 and Summit Central. No tents are allowed. Reservations must be made and spots are $30 per night for a maximum of three nights.

More Information:

Where’s the Beer?

  • Dru Bru is a must stop since it is located right on Snoqualmie Pass.
  • Many, many breweries in nearby Seattle, only an hour away. Click here for a guide to some of Seattle’s best breweries.


Location: Enumclaw, WA
80 miles southeast of Seattle and 40 miles southeast of Enumclaw

Overnight Parking:
Crystal Mountain has over 60 spots for RVs with electric hookups for both 30 and 50 amps. Reservations are required and sites are released at the beginning of each month for the next month. Pricing starts at $65 a night, and you can stay up to 14 consecutive nights.

More Information:

Where’s the Beer?

  • There are several breweries in nearby Enumclaw, less than an hour away.
  • Many, many breweries in nearby Seattle, less than two hours away. Click here for a guide to some of Seattle’s best breweries.
Crystal Mountain Overnight camping at ski resorts Washington copy
Photo courtesy of Crystal Mountain

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Oregon Ski Resorts that Allow Overnight Camping


Location: Mt. Bachelor, OR
20 miles west of Bend

Overnight Parking:
There are 20 spots with electric hookups available in the West Village Parking lot starting at $65 a night. There is also overnight parking available without electric starting at $45 per night. Electric or not, reservations are required. Want a bonus? There are showers and restrooms available, too! The number of non-electric spots available can change throughout the season based on the need for daytime parking. However, if all sites are full, it is possible at times to be able to stay at nearby Sno-Parks for a small fee.

More Information:

Where’s the Beer?

  • Bend, Sunriver, and the surrounding areas, less than 30 minutes away, are full of great breweries, over 30! Click here for a guide to some of Bend’s best breweries.


Location: Santiam Pass, OR
44 miles west of Bend, 22 miles northwest of Sisters, 85 miles east of Eugene, and 130 miles southeast of Portland

Overnight Parking:
Overnight parking here is almost luxurious with hookups and 24/7 bathrooms with pay showers. There are 32 RV sites with rates starting at $45 per night and an overnight parking option without hookups starting at $20 per night. There are also limited season RV passes available for purchase where you can camp anytime during the season.

More Information:

Where’s the Beer?

  • Sisters is less than a half hour away for your enjoyment of several craft breweries.
  • With Bend just about an hour away, there’s plenty of breweries to enjoy. Click here for some of Bend’s best breweries.


Location: North Powder, OR
In the northeast corner of Oregon, 167 miles northwest of Boise, ID

Overnight Parking:
RV overnight parking is available at the lower parking lot and the overflow lot. You can choose between sites with 15 and 30 amp electric or dry camping. There is an outhouse provided for those without a fully self-contained vehicle. All spots are on a first-come first-serve basis, and pricing starts at $10 per night for dry camping and $25 per night with electric, which can be purchased at the ticket booth.

More Information:

Where’s the Beer?

  • Side A Brewing is an hour’s drive north in La Grande.
  • North Seven Brewing is an hour’s drive south in Baker City.


Location: Mt. Hood, OR
67 miles east of Portland and 40 miles south of Hood River

Overnight Parking:
You must have a self-contained vehicle to stay overnight here. There are no reservations required – first-come-first-serve – but you will need to register upon arrival, and you can stay for up to three nights. While there is no charge, you will also need a Sno-Park pass which can be purchased at the resort and is good for other parking spaces in the area.

More Information:

Where’s the Beer?

  • Solera Brewry is 30 minutes north of Mount Hood Meadows.
  • Portland has a plethora of breweries about a 90 minute drive west.
  • North of the resort, is Hood River, with more than five breweries.
Mt Hood Meadows Oregon ski lifts overnight camping at ski resorts
Photo courtesy of Mt Hood Meadows

Willamette Pass

Location: Crescent, OR
70 miles southwest of Bend and 70 miles southeast of Eugene

Overnight Parking:
Overnight parking is allowed with a paid permit (available in the lodge) and only on operating days. Spots are on a first-come first-serve basis and there are a few spots available with electrical hook-ups. Sites with electric are $20 and $10 without. There are also nearby Sno-Park options if sites are full.

More Information:

Where’s the Beer?

  • The 3 Legged Crane Pub and Brewhouse is 30 miles from Willamette Pass heading towards Eugene.
  • In Eugene, you’ll find more than 10 breweries. Just a couple are Ninkasi Brewing and Oakshire Brewing.
  • And just outside of Eugene, worth the trip is Alesong Brewing & Blending.
  • If you’re heading from the ski resort to Bend, check out our guide to some of Bend’s best breweries.

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Idaho Ski Resorts that Allow Overnight Camping


Location: Sandpoint, ID
15 miles north of Sandpoint, 80 miles east of Spokane WA, and 65 miles south of the Canadian border 

Overnight Parking:
You can park your RV in the fire station lot and the parking area opposite the roundabout here for three consecutive nights. You must have a fully self contained vehicle, and while there are no hookups, camping overnight here is free.

More Information:

Where’s the Beer?

  • There are four breweries less than a half hour away in Sandpoint.


Location: Kellogg, ID
35 miles east of Coeur d’Alene and 75 miles east of Spokane WA

Overnight Parking:
Silver Mountain offers first-come, first-serve overnight RV camping starting at $25 per night. There are no hookups available; therefore, all RVs must be self-contained. You’ll need to purchase an overnight parking pass ahead of time via their online reservation system.

More Information:

Where’s the Beer?

  • Radio Brewing is right next to the mountain.
  • If you’re in need of more breweries, there’s a couple more down the road in Wallace just 15 minutes east on I-90.
  • Coeur d’Alene is about a 45 minute drive west on I-90 offering around ten breweries.


Location: Wallace, ID
61 miles east of Coeur d’Alene

Overnight Parking:
Lookout Pass allows free overnight RV parking in the bottom parking lot closest to I-90. You must have a self-contained vehicle as their are no services here.

More Information:

Where’s the Beer?

  • With Wallace only 20 minutes away and Kellogg another 10 minutes west, you’ll have plenty of breweries to choose from.
  • If you’re in need of more breweries, Coeur d’Alene is about an hour’s drive west on I-90 offering around ten breweries.


Location: McCall, ID
Eight miles north of McCall

Overnight Parking:
If you have a self-contained vehicle, no tents, allowed, then camping is allowed in the Centennial Parking lot at no charge. You do have to register with Guest Services the day of, though, so keep that in mind. Camping is allowed for up to seven nights, but there is no camping during holiday periods due to limited parking during those times.

More Information:

Where’s the Beer?

  • There are two local breweries in McCall, just a 20 minute drive away.


Location: Boise, ID
21 miles north of Boise

Overnight Parking:
RVers can park overnight for free in any parking lot at Bogus Basin with the exception of the main lot. You must also park beyond the tubing hill when parking overnight.

More Information:

Where’s the Beer?

  • Boise is less than an hour’s drive south of Bogus Mountain where you’ll find around 20 craft breweries.
Bogus Basin mountain scape Idaho overnight camping at ski resorts
Photo courtesy of Bogus Basin

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California Ski Resorts that Allow Overnight Camping


Location: LakeShore, CA
65 miles northeast of Fresno

Overnight Parking:
Overnight RV parking at China Peak includes 30 amp electric along with cable TV hookup. There are 16 spaces available and all need to be reserved ahead of time. Sites start at $54 per night for camping along the bank of East Lot #2, with tow vehicles parking along East Lot #1.

More Information:

Where’s the Beer?

  • Fresno is a 90 minute drive southwest, offering at least 10 craft breweries.

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Montana Ski Resorts that Allow Overnight Camping


Location: Whitefish, MT
20 miles north of Glacier Park International Airport in Kalispell and seven miles north of Whitefish

Overnight Parking:
RVs and hard sided campers (no tents) can park on a first-come first-serve basis in the Aspen Lot for up to three nights. There is a $25 per night fee, and you must register at Lodging Check-In in the Upper Village.

More Information:

Where’s the Beer?

  • Whitefish Mountain Resort is only 20 minutes north of Whitefish, where you’ll find Bonsai Brewing Project (open sporadically throughout the winter months).
  • Kalispell is 40 minutes from the mountain offering up four more local craft breweries.
  • For more breweries around the region, click here for our guide to Montana’s Flathead Valley breweries.


Location: Sula, MT
95 miles south of Missoula

Overnight Parking:
RV overnight parking, while available, is quite limited. There are no camper trailers allowed and your rig needs to be 27 feet or smaller. Spots are $20 a night, with a two night limit, and need to be paid for and registered ahead of time at the park office.

More Information:

Where’s the Beer?

  • Bandit Brewing in Darby is a 30 minute drive north.
  • There are also several small town Montana breweries, such as WildWood Brewing in Stevi, worth your time as you travel north on Highway 93 towards Missoula, where you’ll find more than 15 breweries.


Location: Bozeman, MT
16 miles north of Bozeman

Overnight Parking:
RV overnight parking is allowed in the lower lots and only with permission ahead of time. Contact facilities@bridgerbowl.com for possible permission to park overnight. There is no overnight parking allowed from May through November.

More Information:

Where’s the Beer?

  • There are around 10 or more breweries in the greater Bozeman area. Check out our guide to the Bozeman beer scene to get you started.
  • Some of our favorites are Mountains Walking, Bridger Brewing, and MAP.
  • And with Livingston 30 minutes from Bozeman, you’ll find a few more small town Montana breweries such as Neptune’s Brewery and Katabatic Brewing.

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Wyoming Ski Resorts that Allow Overnight Camping


Location: Alta, WY
Seven miles east of Alta, 42 miles north of Jackson Hole, and 58 miles west of Grand Tetons National Park as the crow flies

Overnight Parking:
Located right next to the fat bike and snowshoe trails, overnight camping at this ski resort is set up for your success. There’s dry camping and electric hookups available for most size rigs. Prices start at $30 per night, and reservations must be made in advance.

More Information:

Where’s the Beer?
There breweries near Grand Targhee are all a bit of a drive, but the breweries in Victor/Driggs, Idaho and Jackson Hole, Wyoming are well worth it.

  • Citizen 33 Brewery is 30 minutes away in Driggs, Idaho.
  • Victor, Idaho, is a 40 minute drive south and has a couple more breweries for your enjoyment.
  • Just over the mountains and just over an hour’s drive is Jackson Hole with a few more craft breweries to experience.

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Colorado Ski Resorts that Allow Overnight Camping


Location: Winter Park, CO
70 miles west of Denver

Overnight Parking:
Generally, Winter Park states that there is no overnight RV parking. And while Winter Park overnight parking may be hard to come by, the resort’s website also states that if you call ahead of time, it is possible to stay overnight for up to three days for free in the G Lot. Just be sure to check in with resort security, as you could be charged with trespassing if you just show up and park overnight.

More Information:

Where’s the Beer?

  • Just a 10 minute drive away, you’ll find two breweries in Winter Park proper: Hideaway Park Brewing and Big Trout Brewing, which are both excellent. There is also The Noble Buck, which is more of a restaurant than a brewery, though they do brew a few of their own beers.
  • Heading further north into the mountains, 20-30 minutes away, are Fraser and Granby, where you’ll find another 3 or 4 solid breweries: Vicious Cycle Brewing, Fraser River Valley Brewing, Camber Brewing, and Never Summer Brewing.
  • But heading southeast back towards I-70 and Denver, is one of our favorite breweries, Guanella Pass Brewery, only 30 minutes away.
  • And if you’re heading back towards Denver, well, there are many along the I-70 corridor along with around 200 in the Denver metro area. Click here for some of the best breweries in Denver’s RiNo district.
April overnight parking with RAIF at Winter Park copy
Camping at Winter Park/Mary Jane


Location: Pagosa Springs, CO
25 miles north of Pagosa Springs, 45 miles east of Durango

Overnight Parking:
Wolf Creek guests that wish to camp overnight at this ski resort can do so for free only in the Overflow Lot located a short distance east of the ski area on Highway 160. Shuttle service runs frequently for easy access to the resort.

More Information:

Where’s the Beer?

  • Pagosa Springs is a 40 minute drive to two craft breweries there.
  • 45 minutes northeast of the resort, is DelNorte, where you can visit Three Barrel Brewing Co.
  • And if you need more breweries, Durango is less than two hours west. Click here for some post-ride (MTB and snow) breweries.

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New Mexico Ski Resorts that Allow Overnight Camping


Location: Vadito, NM
20 miles southeast of Taos

Overnight Parking:
This isn’t your typical ski resort overnight camping. This is an actual ski resort campground situated a short walk from the base area. With three RV sites with hookups and a few more without, you can camp here in your RV or a tent. Prices start at $25 per night for dry camping and reservations are needed.

More Information:

Where’s the Beer?

  • Taos Mesa Brewing is 30 minutes away in Taos.
  • Enchanted Circle Brewing Company is just oven an hour away in Angel Fire.


Location: Taos, NM
19 miles north of Taos, 150 miles northeast of Alburquerque

Overnight Parking:
Overnight RV parking at this ski resort is available in the Gila Lot starting at $30 per night for rigs 36 feet and under. Reservations are highly recommended, and you can stay for up to seven consecutive nights.

More Information:

Where’s the Beer?

  • Taos Mesa Brewing is 30 minutes away in Taos.
  • Driving an hour in a circle, you can also visit Red River, just north of Taos, for a couple more options.

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North Carolina Ski Resorts that Allow Overnight Camping


Location: Blowing Rock, NC
95 miles north of Charlotte, 85 miles northeast of Asheville

Overnight Parking:
Appalachian Ski Mountain has six RV spots for any size rig with 30 amp electrical. Sites are $30 per night and reservations are suggested. You can either call to reserve your spot or visit the main office located on the first level of the Base Lodge upon arrival.

More Information:

Where’s the Beer?

  • There are several breweries all within 20 miles of Appalachian Ski Mountain in all directions.
  • You can also head towards Charlotte where there are several along Highway 321.
  • But if you really like beer, Asheville is less than two hours away. Click here for some of Asheville’s best breweries.

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New Hampshire Ski Resorts that Allow Overnight Camping


Location: Gilford, NH
34 miles north of Concord, 90 miles north of Boston, MA

Overnight Parking:
You may come for the skiing, but you’ll enjoy the RV overnight parking spots just as much with a heated bathhouse and shower facility at no extra charge. There’s even laundry facilities. Rent for a night or rent for the entire season. You can choose from tent sites, hookups, or dry camping with your RV. Reservations can be made online or by calling the resort directly.

More Information:

Where’s the Beer?

  • Defiant Records and Craft Beer is a 15 minute drive away in Laconia.
  • Heading south on I-93 towards Boston, you’ll come across many craft breweries to visit along the way, with many more in Boston proper.

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Under the Radar (Unofficial Overnight Parking)

Overnight camping at ski resorts isn’t always talked about it. Sometimes you have to know the right people. The listings below are unofficial, may not be actual spots, and may also be known to the locals, but not the tourists. Be warned, though, when camping in unofficial spots at ski resorts, you better know if you’ll get plowed in or not. Or towed away for that matter.

  • Dodge Ridge Ski Resort (California) – The Pioneer Trail Campground is three miles away and free during the winter season. It has been rumored there is a lot for RV parking overnight onsite, as well.
  • Arapahoe Basin (Colorado) – While there is no camping allowed at the resort, you may still be able to park overnight at spots along Highway 6 before and after the resort along Loveland Pass.
  • Ski Cooper (Colorado) – It’s been said that you can park overnight here.
  • Copper Mountain (Colorado) – I’ve seen RV’s parked in the free lot, although technically there are no RV spots according to official statements.
  • Monarch Mountain (Colorado) – Reportedly possibly friendly to overnight parking when it is communicated with parking staff.
  • Purgatory Resort (Colorado) – No official camping policy but we hear you can just pick a spot out of the way of the morning plows.
  • Silverton Mountain (Colorado) We’ve heard you can park just past the base area in the small dirt lots.
  • Pomerelle Mountain Resort (Idaho) – Open to RV parking in the past, maybe still today.
  • Big Snow Resort (Michigan) – May have free parking during the ski season, but for sure during the off season. Big Snow is also a Harvest Host and Boondocker’s Welcome Host. Click here to find out more about these cool overnight programs all across the country.
  • Angel Fire Resort (New Mexico) – You may be able to park onsite from what I’ve heard.
  • Timberline Lodge (Oregon) – We’ve heard there is a small overnight parking area shortly after you turn off of Highway 26 while heading to the resort. Most, if not all, Oregon resorts and parking areas require a Sno-Park pass which can be purchased at the resorts and many local shops.
  • Willamette Pass Resort (Oregon) – Open to RV parking in the past, maybe still today.
  • Mount Snow (Vermont) – Rumor has it Mount Snow is overnight friendly when given a call ahead of time for parking direction. Any breweries near Mount Snow? Yes! Snow Republic Brewing just 3 or so miles down the road and Beer Naked Brewery about 12 miles away.
RAIF overnight camping ski resort ABasin Colorado
RAIF parked at ABasin after camping on Loveland Pass

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The Scoop on Overnight Parking at Ski Resorts

In general most large, touristy ski resorts won’t allow overnight RV parking; however, many small local mountains, do, even if they don’t advertise this. The best way to decide whether to attempt an overnight stay at a ski resort it to simply call and ask. And, please, please, follow each ski resort’s rules and regulations. More and more resorts are putting a kibosh on overnight parking due to people being idiots and not taking care of the land that we love. Clean up after yourselves, follow the rules, and don’t be an idiot.

Now, go hit some sweet jumps!

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