Mazatlan Craft Beer and Street Food Scene

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Mazatlan isn’t just any old beach town. Located in Sinaloa, Mexico on the Pacific Ocean, it is the Pearl of the Pacific and it is one of the places we like to call home.  With family here, its 20 kilometers of beaches, the world-famous malecon – which is one of the largest  beach walks in the world, local seafood,  three craft breweries or in Spanish, cerveceria artesanal, colorful city streets,  markets, dive bars, dance clubs, and pulmonia drivers (almost like a taxi but cooler) to take you anywhere you want to go, dude we don’t ever want to leave. 

Gettin’ Drinky in Mazatlan!

With the old town history of Olas Altos, the glitz and glamour of Zona Dorado, and the beach life at La Isla de la Piedra, the people here will welcome you like family. And with that comes so much great food, And with food comes beer!  It’s time get our drinky on. With the Pacific factory a block away from where we styed, we consumed mucho Pacificos, Coronas, too much tequila – good tequila, mas  Pacificos, Micheladas – cheap beer and tomato juice, usually, but then you have those that are handcrafted and served with grasshoppers in the Centro  Historico.  Don’t like beer, tequila or tomato juice, then have some margaritas,  Pina coladas, and the infamous Copa de Nada at Joe’s Oyster bar while you dance the night away.

bucket of beer in Mazatlan

Mazatlan Craft Beer

It’s time for some real beers. There are three craft breweries here.  We were lucky enough to meet the owner and brewer at Cerveceria Tres Islas, the first craft brewery ever in Mazatlan.  With a love for travel, craft beer, and Mazatlan seafood, Edvin will continue your love affair with craft beer, the beauty of Mazatlan, and of course seafood. 

We find community in craft breweries everywhere we go and Mazatlan was no different. From wandering Olas Altas and Centro Historico, we wandered into Cueva del Diablo where the patio, the street scene, and the mural was all wonderfully Mazatlan. Not done yet, we strolled the malecon for miles towards the Zona Dorado to sample the beer at Navegante. With views of the mighty Pacific, this modern brewery still holds its own with tourists and locals alike. While Mazatlan has some catching up to do in the craft beer scene, Corona and Pacifico have finally met their masters

Ken and April holding beers in Mazatlan at Tres Islas

Mazatlan Street Food

We spent a week in Mazatlan overindulging in beer, yes, but also the food. Oh, the food! From the Shrimp Ladies in El Mercado downtown to El Charly’s at Zona Dorado for a midnight Mazatlan style hot dog and everything in between, the food here is mouth-watering. Take a moment to wander the malecon (beach walk) on any given morning when all the fishermen come off the sea. You’ll immediately understand the love for seafood here. We had fresh oysters and clams for breakfast (broken open in our kitchen sink), we had ceviche made fresh daily at home and at beachfront-on-the-sand restaurants. We had marlin, chorizo, tortillas, refritos, street tacos, more ceviche, more shrimp. My mouth is watering just typing these words. Excuse me, while I wipe off my keyboard.

Ken eating hot dogs Mazatlan street food at Charlys

Price? You’ve gotta be wondering about the price of all this delectable food. The cost of living here is less than the U.S., so the price is absolutely ridiculously inexpensive. We spent all day (from 10-6) at Stone Island at Lety’s Restaurant on the sand back and forth from the ocean to the food and beer. We ordered two buckets of beer, two cocktails, appetizers, entrees, more appetizers, and probably another bottle or four of beer. The cost at the end of the day? Around $60 US dollars!

Get off the Beaten Path

Because we were off the beaten path! Live here (even if only for a week), don’t just be a tourist.

Get off the beaten path, away from the  Zona Dorado (the Golden Zone, aka the Tourist Zone), and into the real city.  You’ll fall in love!

We hope we’ve inspired you to travel.  We’ve always said that these interviews are not really about the beer, they’re about the people.

Get out there!

Video Notes to Highlighted Topics

The Story Behind Cerveceria Tres Islas (3:22)

Being the first craft brewery in Mazatlan, Edvin works hard to create some of the best beer in Mexico, and he is very successful at it. Working with car insurance, he was bored, so he started brewing beer as a hobby and the rest is history.

Mazatlan Beer Scene (4:37) 

Hoping that every little town eventually gets their own brewery, Edvin is a big believer that this helps build community. With three breweries in Mazatlan, we highlight all of them because you must visit all of them when you come home to Mazatlan.

Mazatlan Lifestyle (6:26)

Raised in Mazatlan, Edvin loves his hometown, but he loves to travel.  He seeks out beer, food, and culture when traveling, recently visiting Japan. Although, he really misses the food, especially the seafood in Mazatlan when he is gone. We concur!  You’ll drool when you watch this.

Stout Life (9:16)

Edvin is working hard to build his Stout Life, looking for more freedom to travel.

Beyond the Taproom – Brew Day (10:43)

Visiting the brewhouse on a brew day, we got a tour of this popular nano brewery. Hot, but worth the visit.

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