Ken holding beer straight off the canning line Woods Boss Denver

The Craft Beer Canning Line: From Tank to Can to Belly

Canning beer may sound like a glamorous job to those that have never done it before.  In fact, it sounds like an adventure. But to our beloved brewers, beertenders and brewery owners, canning beer can be more of a factory line job than anything else. We are here to debunk that myth with our version of canning day.

David holding a flight of beers at Something Brewery in Brighton Colorado

Band Life to Brew Life: A Hard Core Story

Started from a group of friends in a band that couldn’t decide on a song, deciding to brew beer instead, these guys took their punk boy attitudes and created a brewery with the same hard work, perseverance, and cocky attitude that they passionately put into their music.

Craft beer cards at Copper Brothel Brewery in Sonoita Arizona

The Copper Brothel Brewery Family

If you want a girl, order her! She’ll come as a pint of beer, but you’ll get exactly what you ordered. And this is why, at Copper Brothel Brewery, names are everything. Getting a little cheeky, but not too cheeky (pun intended)