Life in a Sprinter Van – The Tour

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Carini The Van and Her Weird, Dirty Hippies

This week we continue our conversation with Lizzy and Thomas, but this time it’s all about Carini. Carini The Van. Without her, Thomas and Lizzy, those weird dirty hippies, would be lost. Quite literally, because it is The Van that was so painstakingly saved for and created that made this traveling life possible. It is The Van, that small tiny space on wheels, giving both comfort and security, that allows for Lizzy and Thomas to be home no matter where they are.

Filmed on location in Baja California, Mexico at Cielito Lindo, this quaint camping spot, with margaritas to put you on your ass and palm trees swaying in the ocean breeze, was the perfect backdrop for our tour of Carini The Van.

Meet Carini The Van!

Video Notes to Highlighted Topics

0:59 Carini and Her Lumpy Head
Being big Phish fans, of course the name comes from Phish along with their self proclaimed title of “weird, dirty hippies.”

1:37 Dreams do Come True
With so many reasons not to do this, there were more reasons to do this.  Building out the van  and saving money created future fun.  One beer is two beers in Mexico.

2:51 Meet Carini The Van
Lizzy and Thomas (with Umphrey their pooch supervising) built out their 2008 Sprinter Van themselves.  Found as an empty shell in Amarillo, Texas, they give us a tour of their bike storage and more, including their very creative outdoor shower and creative decor. Sometimes you gotta rig shit up.

4:45 Planet Fitness Membership – Don’t Travel Without It.
Kenny and I have a rule about Planet Fitness – you can’t use the shower unless you work out first!

5:30 Getting Cozy – It’s all About the Details
From window covers made by Strawfoot Handmade to water storage, creative decor, space savers, and even a place for guitars and skateboards, this van has all the comforts of life.  What more do you need?

10:34 Surf’s Up
Knowing that they were heading to Baja and looking forward to practicing their surfing skills, or lack there-of, surf boards were definitely a requirement.  Lizzy and Thomas talk more about how they built an outdoor surf rack so no adventures would be missed out on.

Now that’s a Stout Life!

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We love ideas and opinions. Lizzy and Thomas made space for all their toys: skateboards, guitars, bikes, surfboards. When you start building out your van, what something you’ll refuse to leave behind? Let us know in the comments below.

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Last week was all about Lizzy and Thomas and their adventurous life in a Sprinter Van. Check it out. You might just want to quit your job, grab your dog and head for Baja.

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