The Craft Beer Canning Line: From Tank to Can to Belly

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We all know how the beer gets to your belly, but do you ever wonder how the beer gets into the can? The craft beer canning line gets the beer from tank to can to belly in this short, fun and educational video.

Canning beer may sound like a glamorous job to those that have never done it before.  In fact, it sounds like an adventure. But to our beloved brewers, beertenders and brewery owners, canning beer can be more of a factory line job than anything else.

We are here to debunk that myth with our version of canning day at Woods Boss Brewing Company in Denver, Colorado. When canning with friends, we turn the mundane task of canning craft beer into an educational adventure. 

Now that’s a lot of beer!

So, the next time you crack open your favorite craft beer – maybe it’s a Woods Boss beer – you’ll not only enjoy the flavor, but you’ll also recognize the love, the hard work and the fun that goes into every single can. Plus, now you can tell your friends exactly how the craft beer canning line works, from tank to can to belly!


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We love Woods Boss, so we’ve talked to the peeps there quite often. Check out our other fun fiascos while hanging out at Woods Boss.

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