Sailing Life: Beer, Boats and Barks

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I first met Danielle in Colorado. We were both volunteering on an advisory board for a nonprofit that worked with educating girls in Tanzania. This was in 2014. Danielle had already been a world traveler, and it’s no wonder that she; her husband, Conor and their dog, Pivo are now embarking upon a full-time sailing life.

Danielle, Conor and Pivo have been living in Auckland on the North Island in New Zealand since 2016. Since then, they’ve created a life there, working regular jobs, buying a house, making friends…building a foundation.

And as so many foundations do over time, they crack. Within that crack, they found this idea of living on a sailboat. One problem. Neither of them knew how to sail.

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Sailing Pivo’s Motto

This is their story. A story of two travelers coming together in far away lands, building a life while constantly seeking new adventures. Lessons in downsizing, sailing and becoming entrepreneurs. It has a bit of a fairytale sound. But as in life on land, the sailing life definitely has its trials and tribulations.

And they’re documenting it along the way. And as Danielle puts it, “Lots of beer learning curve.” That’s a learning curve I can handle.

How do I connect with Sailing Pivo?

Oh, the places we went!

Oh, the beer we drank.

  • Jubelale Winter Ale from Deschutes Brewery in Bend, OR
  • Bitterbitch IPA from Parrotdog Brewery in Wellington, NZ
  • Falcon APA from Parrotdog Brewery in Wellington, NZ

Want More?

This is only one of Sailing Pivo’s awesome videos, Quitting During a Pandemic and Preparing to go Full Time Sailing. Watch it here. Then click here to subscribe to their channel.

Danielle and Conor have done a great job of making 2020 work. Need more things to help you find the positive in 2020? Here you go!

One of our first Stout Conversations was with JC from Bandit Brewing Company in Darby, Montana. So why are we sharing it here? Because he and his family used to live on a sailboat. Check it out.

Need some guidance on finding great craft breweries? Start here!

PRO TIP: When possible, please check ahead anywhere you go. Many places are re-opening, but some may not be. Due to the C-word, you need to be prepared for restrictions and closures. Be flexible.

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“Ken and April do a fantastic job of mixing the culture of beer and adventure into something akin to a fine barrel-aged sour. They are wise beyond their years. Loving this podcast and it will be on our weekly playlist for SURE!”



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Shout Outs:

To Danielle and Conor – you guys were so much fun to chat and drink beer with. You’re definitely going places! We can’t wait to hang out with you in person, on your boat, while drinking beer!


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Sailing Pivo
Sailing Pivo
3 years ago

Great podcast guys, and thanks for hosting us! We look forward to catching up with you again in a few months! 🙂

August Wheeler
3 years ago

Those guys sound awesome. Hopefully our paths will cross sometime. Thanks for another great show you two.