From Woods Boss to Brewery Boss: Tales of Avalanches, Travel, and Nature

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Take a walk in the mountains with a Woods Boss. Your life will never be the same.

“Crap your pants or crap in the woods.”

Jordan Fink, Woods Boss

In this feature length interview, we talk with Jordan and Michelle about nature, travel, owning a brewery, surviving an earthquake and an avalanche, and having a baby during a pandemic.

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Penelope Jr Woods Boos

Originally meeting Jordan at his brewery that he co-owns with Chad Moore, we knew we needed to talk extensively with him about his very sciencey, very nerdy, yet still very cool and active lifestyle. With his equally kick-ass wife Michelle, and their Junior Wood Boss, Miss Penelope (their newborn), we learned about forestry, river science, conservation, hydrology, beer (of course), and how to travel while respecting the culture of the region.

“Good beer is rarely, if ever, just about the beer.”

April Pishna

Coming at you live from Jordan’s closet – he thought it would prove to be a quiet space for a Zoom call, but thankfully that didn’t happen. It’s the real life-stories that we like to capture, and that is exactly what we did…live from Michelle and Jordan’s closest.

Michelle and Jordan in nature from Woods boss Brewing Company

Oh the places we went!

Oh, the beers we drank!

  • No Root No Peacock American Blonde Ale from Woods Boss in Denver, CO
  • Start’n Early American Light Lager from Woods Boss in Denver, CO
  • Dos Pedrinos Dark Mexican Lager from Superior Bathhouse Brewery in Hot Springs, AR
  • Dick Danger Ale IPA from Dick’s Brewing Co in Centralia, WA
  • Deschutes Black Butte Porter

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Want More?

Check out Jordan’s Stout Conversation where he delves more into Woods Boss Brewing Company, his beer, and how his background helped to create a work ethic that creates truly amazing beer within an amazing space.


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