A Candid Conversation with Brewery Owners During COVID-19

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Curious as to how breweries are doing today during a pandemic? Wondering how and when they will ever open back up? From our travels and love of craft beer, we’ve met brewery owners, brewers, and many other brewery industry peeps, so we thought, “Why not bring you a candid conversation with some of the people we’ve met along the road? Why not have some beer with friends and find out what’s really going on in our beloved world of craft beer during COVID-19?”

They are working hard to brew beer, to open when they can, to continue building a community we all know, love, and can’t wait to get back to outside of Zoom calls. So, be good to people, be nice, be patient. We’re all going through this pandemic one way or another, it might as well be with friends over a good craft beer.

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I’m grateful for the business we’ve got, but it’s definitely not the business I signed up for 10 years ago.

Tim from Strange Craft

From conversations about birthdays, to opening new locations during a pandemic, to drinking Wild Turkey to dreaming of 2022, we’ve got insight into the world of craft beer through eyes of the people that help create our beloved beverage.

We hope you enjoy this panel of experts, that somehow have decided that they like us enough that we now consider them all friends.

Our Panel – Our Friends

brewery owners and friends on a Zoom conversation during COVID-19

Oh the places we went!

Oh, the beers we drank!

  • Rule No. 1 Double IPA from Superior Bathhouse Brewery in Hot Springs, AR
  • Pilsner Pirate Czech Pilsner from Guanella Pass Brewery in Georgetown, CO
  • Cherry Kriek Lambic from Strange Craft Beer Company in Denver, CO
  • Thai Wheat from Second Self in Atlanta, GA
  • Starless Schwarzbier from Wiseacre Brewing Company in Memphis, TN
  • Miller High Life
  • Maker’s Mark
  • Wild Turkey


Want More?

We’ve met all of these peeps before and have interviewed them before the pandemic. Each and every one of them have great things to say. Give them a listen. You’ll understand why they are now our friends. All because we said hi to a stranger.

  • Click here for Allo and The Craft Beer Concierge.
  • Click here for Rose and Jimm at Superior Bathhouse.
  • Click here for Patrick at Kettle & Spoke.
  • Click here for Steve at Guanella Pass.
  • Click here for Travis, Jim and Jean-Marie at Lazy G Brewhouse.
  • Click here for Tim at Strange Craft.

Jimm at Superior Bathhouse in a spring water with cranberries
Jimm, brewer at Superior Bathhouse Brewery, brewing up trouble!


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3 years ago

I was so sorry that I couldn’t join you, but glad that Travis was able to make it. We are all in this together and although each state has different requirements for opening back up, in whatever capacity, thanks for shedding a light on what we are all going through.
Come back to see us some time soon……
Jim and Jean-Marie – LazyG Brewhouse, Prescott, AZ

3 years ago
Reply to  Jean-Marie

Sorry we missed you as well, but happy to have Travis with us. This was a fun and educational podcast for us. It was so great to hear the different perspectives and see how everyone’s still working together. I love the brewing industry, and we will definitely be back to Prescott.