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Cheers to the Concierge!

Allo, the Craft Beer Concierge smiling and holding a beer
Courtesy of the Craft Beer Concierge

Excited to be in Montana attending the BeerNow Conference for craft beer journalists, we spent a lot of time sharing a great deal of craft beer from Montana and beyond, touring several amazing craft breweries and meeting all types of people with our same love of the craft, including Allo from The Craft Beer Concierge.

This is his story of love for food, beer, travel, and people, and how he is working hard at creating a cohesive business that builds upon this spectacular community.

Check out Allo and The Craft Beer Concierge online at and Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Allo is currently attending the Craft Beer Business Program at San Diego State. For more information, click here.

Don’t miss this week’s Stout Conversation with Allo. He will inspire, educate, make you drool, and get you truly excited about food, beer, community, and building a business encompassing them all.

Ken mentioned Bayou Teche Brewing because of their love of food and beer, too. Check them out below. They were our first Stout Conversation, and their beer and food are delectable, along with their sense of humor.

We’d love to hear from you.

What food and beer pairings make you drool?  Let us know in the comments below.

Chimay beers posed with Chimay cheeses for a food and beer pairing

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