How Craft Beer Lovers Celebrate a Nomadiversary

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Nomadiversary – not just any anniversary, but one that celebrates living full time on the road.

One Year Nomadiversary

One year of figuring out where to go, what sights to see, who to talk to, when to leave, when to stay, how to make money, and why didn’t we do this sooner.

But more importantly for those who love craft beer…One year of chasing craft beer dreams on a PBR budget.

April and Kenny at
Celebrating Our First Nomadiversary
Helena – BeerNow Conference

And that is exactly what we did. Chased our craft beer dreams regardless of our limited budget. We are still figuring out all the rest.

June 5, 2018 – After almost a year of planning and nerve-wracking, can’t-wait-to-do-this-thing anticipation, we left our kids behind and took off for worlds unknown.  Not quite so dramatic, nor as easy as it sounds, but we actually did it. We downsized, quit jobs, created new ones, said see-ya-laters, and drove off into the sunset (literally, cuz it was getting dark).

June 5, 2019 – After traveling to over 20 states, visiting hundreds of breweries, and driving thousands of miles, we celebrated our nomadiversary in Helena, Montana, kicking off the 2019 BeerNow Conference with about 30 of our newest craft beer friends while touring four different breweries within a few hours.

New Friends!

Now that is how craft beer lovers celebrate a nomadiversary!

BeerNow Conference

The BeerNow conference, in its 10th year, is a conference geared towards people in the craft beer journalism industry, those that not only love to drink craft beer, but also love to write about it, think about it, travel for it, and meet others that love the same.

April holding two bottles of Chimay at the BeerNow conference in Great Falls Montana
April and her beers at BeerNow in Great Falls

Celebrating their 10th anniversary while we celebrated our 1st nomadiversary and our first ever BeerNow conference was a craft beer lovers dream that perfectly ended our first year and set our second one into full swing. Trying to balance drinking with reporting is no easy feat. But drawing strength from the stories we have told while spending a year on the road chasing that great craft beer, we persevered.

Glacier National Park

Starting out in Helena, Montana, and working our way to Great Falls, Glacier National Park, and finally Kalispell, there wasn’t a day that went by without great craft beer, great craft food, and great humans!  Meeting people from all walks of life including teachers, engineers, farmers, and of course brewers, the week was a perfect way to celebrate 365 days of life on the road on our own quest for great craft beer and the people that create it.

Da Brewers at the BeerNow Social in Kalispell

Craft Beer People

In the end, it is always about the people. The stories we tell through our Stout Conversations series is a direct result of wanting you to meet the people we meet, to fall in love with humanity again, to inspire you to live your Stout Life.

So, it makes sense, then that on our nomadiversary, we want to celebrate the people we have met over the year, the archaeologists, the writers, the climbers, the cyclists, the teachers, the parents, the empty-nesters, the software developers, the podcasters, the brewers, the beertenders, the low-key ones, the intense ones, and the off-the rocker ones.

Some of them are now life-long friends, some of them we may never see again, some of them we will make great efforts to cross paths with.  But all of them have an impact on who we are now compared to who we were before we embarked upon this lifestyle, and we are grateful to every single human on this journey.

April and Kenny kissing in front of love you so much sign in Austin
Love to All of You!

This is a tribute to them, not us. For without them, we would not be us.

How Craft Beer Lovers Celebrate a Nomadiversary

A Stout Life

We do this by sharing inspiration around a great beer. At the end of every Stout Conversation, we define a Stout Life – meaning, yes, we love beer, but more importantly, meaning a full and authentic life.  Then we put our new friends on the spot, asking them to define their Stout Life.  These are their answers, and our anniversary gift to you.

“If you’re not having fun, what’s the point. If it’s not fun, not rewarding in the long run, go do something else.”
(Jay from Soul Squared in Wellington, CO)

“Intentional. Figure out what you want to do and fucking do it. It’s not going to be easy, and you might not ultimately get there, but what are you gonna do?  You want something? Figure it out; make it happen. And be good to people, and be good to the world.”
(Jordan from Woods Boss in Denver, CO)

“Making the best use of your remaining nonrefundable years.  Every year, every month, every week, every day, every minute is nonrefundable. You’re never going to get that back.  Make sure you’re doing what you want to do while you still got those years left.”
(Steve from Guanella Pass in Georgetown, CO)

“Living life to the fullest and being involved. It’s amazing how inspired I am up here (Breckenridge) every day. You live life to the fullest up here. Every day I’m inspired. Every day I try to inspire. Being able to be a part of something that’s like that is indescribably fulfilling.”
(Ford from Broken Compass in Breckenridge, CO)

“I’m a sucker for the word, adventure. You can tell me it’s gonna be an adventure, and I’m down.”
(Walter from Grossen Bart in Longmont, CO) 

“It’s all about balance. I think it’s important with your beverages and with your life to maintain a balance…making sure that everything comes together and works and that nothing is overwhelming everything else. And I think in life it’s the same way – work, family, travel, and balance it all together to make sure you’re living a complete life.”
(Judd from Dos Luces in Denver, CO)

“Be pushed and push and inevitably that gets you into some kind of a something that gets you into a great story.”
(John the Beer Snob in Little Rock, AR)

“Living a full-bodied life.”
(Mike from WanderLinger in Chattanooga, TN)

“Knowing that you are contributing to the world instead of detracting from it.”
(Mike from Chattabrewchee in West Point, GA)

“Everything that’s great about life happens here (in Louisiana), family, faith, food, drinking.”
(Karlos from Bayou Teche in Arnaudville, LA)

Do what you want. Brian loves being a brewer and a musician and making money at both.
(Brian from Bayou Teche in Arnaudville, LA)

Traveling, visiting breweries, and seeing the culture behind the breweries.
(Dustin from the Brewtography Project in Denver, CO)

A full life while still making your passions sustainable and staying true to yourself and keeping the balance.
(Christian from Lazarus in Austin, TX)

A full life with purpose and giving back. Brewing and archaeology are a part of that and connecting those together while building community within the brewing industry.
(Andrew from Intrepid Sojourner Beer Project in Denver, CO)

Loving life right now even though Patrick is dog-tired, a parent, works a full time job, and owns a brewery, but all of this is the start of a dream.
(Patrick from Kettle and Spoke in Boulder, CO)

Owning a brewery and rock climbing, drinking, and chasing pow.
(Taylor from Grossen Bart in Longmont, CO)

“Surrounding myself with people who complete me or contribute to my life in a positive way. Friends are really important to me and just experiencing life, hanging out, cooking, drinking beer, and shootin’ the shit with friends.” (Rose from Superior Bathhouse in Hot Springs, AK)

“Doing something that I’m passionate about and in a small way can make a difference in our local community and in the lives of our customers.”
(Ian from Stones Throw in Little Rock, AR)

“I’m living my dream at this point. I couldn’t ask for much more. I work with great people. I make pretty damn good beer, and we have a great staff.” (John from Rebel Kettle in Little Rock, AR)

“Creating a place where people feel like family and creating a business that will sustain our family for generations to come, and embracing the challenges enough to enjoy it. Learning to enjoy the journey.”
(Stephanie from Omaha Brewing in Omaha, GA)

“Anytime in my life that I can spend with my family.”
(Hayden from Omaha Brewing in Omaha, GA)

“I’m living it right now.  I get to come to work every morning and do something that’s tangible, do something that people can sit here and enjoy and talk about and share with other people.” A brewer and a musician, Zack thrives off of creativity. (Zack from Key City in Vicksburg, MS)

So, tell us.  How do you define your Stout Life? Inspire others. Leave a comment below.

Now, go create it!


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