Brewing a Better Community in Helena

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Join Ten Mile Creek and Their Somewhat Organized Community

Ken and April went on a whirlwind brewery tour of Helena as part of the 2019 BeerNow Conference and were lucky enough to catch a glimpse into Jordan, Ethan, and Riley’s story as to how they became some of the youngest brewery owners in the U.S.

Welcome to Ten Mile Creek Brewery in Helena, Montana.

Jordan, Ethan, and Riley may be young in the age game of brewery owners, but their love of community and beer are full of age-old wisdom.

With a special introduction from Montana’s own Lieutenant Governor, Mike Cooney, tune in for this week’s Stout Conversation with Riley.

We’d love to hear from you.

Riley talks about their slogan, a somewhat organized community. We’d love to hear how you celebrate community. Let us know in the comments below.

Karli the beertender holding up a new craft beer sign at Ten Mile Creek Brewery
Karli is all about community!

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