Keeping Craft Beer Alive in Mississippi

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Hail the Mississippi Queen – Stout Conversations

With only a dozen breweries in the entire state of Mississippi, Key City Brewing in Vicksburg is earning the title of Mississippi Queen by keeping craft beer alive in Mississippi.

Literally bumping into Zack, owner and brewer, at the bar, we struck up a conversation about his San Diego roots, his love of all things craft, and his creativity breaking ground in small town Mississippi.

His mantra of community, craft beer, craft food, and craft cocktails fits in well with Living a Stout Life. Bringing his creativity, along with some recipes, from San Diego, Zack works hard at getting his fellow Mississippians out of the macro scene and into the Mississippi micro brew scene.

Teaming up with Cottonwood Public House for some craft food and cocktails, this is a match made in beer heaven. Keep the craft beer scene alive and well in Mississippi. Tune in for this week’s Stout Conversation with Zack.

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beer in the foreground and Zack in  the background at Key City Brewing in Vicksburg Mississippi
Zack – the face behind the beer.

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