RV Life – The First Day!

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Watch our launch day video!
Launch Day Video

We got to our first spot on our first day of living the RV life – boondocking, of course – just before midnight on June 5. Wasn’t too hard finding a spot, a bit harder trying to find a level spot, but we made it, Buffalo Creek camping area in the beautiful mountains about 90 minutes southwest of Denver.

It wasn’t as hard to say good-bye as we thought because we really didn’t say good-bye. It was more of a see you soon; we wilFeet and Naturel be back to torment you (our sons). But, it hit us a bit more than we thought once we were driving and realized that this wasn’t just a trip, wasn’t just our first day; this was our life, our home, away from family and friends for days and months at a time, but awaiting new adventures to share. And now, even later, it still hits us every once in awhile – BAM! This is our home, our office, our car, our life! I wonder if our kids are thinking the same way; I hope so!

And as we sat outside working during our first day in the RV (with WiFi in the middle of nowhere – SO COOL!), the wind whispering through the trees, the sun warming our naked toes, we got distracted, and still do, thanks to the awe of the majestic Colorado mountains.

Sound easy?  Not! Getting to this first day of RV living was not easy. In fact, it was hard! And that hard work is not done yet. Keep following us, and we will tell you all about it in upcoming blog posts, emails, podcasts, videos, and more. We have big plans, baby!

I only have two paychecks left, and Ken becomes our sole income source until we create income from whatever endeavors we come up with. We our optimistic, but we are also realistic; this won’t be easy. But with you all along for the ride, we can celebrate and stress out together. We will even recommend a few good beers and local breweries along the way to make this crazy RV life a wonderful, crazy RV life. Together, we can do anything!

Your words of encouragement will follow us everywhere, everyday! Here’s to the future and sticking around for not only the good parts, but also the stupid mistakes and blunders we will most certainly make along the way!



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