What Are Your Must-Have RV Life Tools for the Road?

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Part of the reason for opting into a nomadic lifestyle as a full-time RVer is to gain freedom, to cut loose from the ties that can weigh you down at a traditional “sticks and bricks” home.

But with freedom comes self reliance. We see it in everyday life. In the United States, we enjoy a large amount of freedom, but in opting for such a society, we also opt-in to the necessity of being responsible for our own lives. In the bigger picture that means things like what we do or do not want government to control, do we want our schools to have uniforms or not, or at what age do we want our children to be allowed to drive?

When it comes to choosing living full-time in an RV, opting to go mobile and take our lives wherever we wish, for people like April and myself, we want to be able to take our lives off the beaten path and frequently get out of cities and towns. That freedom comes with a requirement that we be more self-reliant than we might otherwise have to be in a city setting.

RV Life Tools - RAIF Spare Room RemodelIn discussing that with my brother-in-law, Joe, he reminded me that we’re going to need at least a basic tool set to handle the little things (or even big things) that could pop up as we’re out on our own with no help in sight. (And Joe would know, he’s the guy we often call when we’re unsure how to handle some minor disaster that crops up.)

In discussing it, we came up with a few basics in assembling our mobile toolkit. Now, this list is not extensive, nor is it final. That’s actually exactly why I’m writing this post, I want some input from all of you out there that are probably a lot handier or mechanically inclined than am I.

What are the important RV Life Tools for a nomadic lifestyle?

Here’s a few of the items we’ve discussed:

  • Basic set of box wrenches (metric and standard)
  • Socket wrench and basic sockets (metric and standard)
  • Screw driver (I’ve got the type with multiple bits, including square and star bits)
  • Re-chargeable battery powered drill
  • Small sledge hammer
  • Claw hammer
  • Crescent wrench in a couple sizes
  • Hatchet
  • Multimeter
  • Four-way tire iron
  • Portable air compressor (one that works off 110 or 12-volt)

My RV Life ‘Do Not Leave Home Without It’ Pick:

  • EternaBond Tape!
    When we first bought our RV, we knew that it had some water leaks in the past. After taking it to the RVE Summit in Texas, where it rained heavily, we learned we still had some leaks. After doing some research, I came across EternaBond Tape (Thank You to Home Along the Way!) as what seemed the best option and I have not regretted it one bit. Eternabond is expensive, but well worth it. I used EternaBond to seal the various seams around objects on our roof and no more leaks!

Like I said, this is not an exhaustive list by any means, and isn’t meant to be the ultimate list. It’s meant to be a jumping off point, as I would like your feedback on what tools, etc., you use on the road or feel are necessary to be self-sufficient when you’re out boondocking in the woods or are just out of reach of any outside help.

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Please leave me your list in the comments below ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇


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Dawn Huskey
Dawn Huskey
5 years ago

While a multi-tip screwdriver is a good choice, it is always best to keep a regular standard and number 2 phillips head screwdriver for those times when a job requires more torque than a tip can handle. My other two must haves are duct tape and a eveready utility lantern (9volt).

Ken Pishna
Ken Pishna
5 years ago
Reply to  Dawn Huskey

I don’t think I’d even be a functioning human without duct tape. And good call on the regular screwdrivers and lantern. Definitely looking for every edge we can get when we’re in the middle of nowhere. ?

5 years ago

I’m gonna make sure my toolbox has all that before I take off. Thank you

Ken Pishna
Ken Pishna
5 years ago
Reply to  Debbie

Hey Debbie, we’re going to try and put together a more detailed list as we get started, so that we have a little more real-life experience to apply them.