A Picture is Worth More than Words (especially the “F” ones) – The First Two Weeks Living in Our RV

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As I am writing this post today, I am a bit frazzled, frustrated, frozen, fragmented, and freaking out! (Can you tell what I really want to say?) We are currently stuck in our old driveway waiting for some repair materials to be mailed (get here, already) to fix a couple of serious cracks in our black and gray water tanks, and I just want to be on the move.

So, while our third week isn’t turning out to be quite as beautiful and full of adventure as our first two weeks were, I am hopeful that we will back on track for our fourth week.

In the meantime, please live vicariously through us (I will be doing the same) while watching the slideshow of our first two weeks spent living in our RV.  We stayed in Colorado but visited Buffalo Creek, Fairplay, and Grand Lake where we biked…a lot and met up with many wonderful people (including our family) with many interesting stories: artists, entrepreneurs, brewers, distillers, architects, fellow travelers, and more.

P.S. We actually did work, too!




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