Keeping it Strange with Strange Craft Beer Company

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Join us this week for Part One as we get a bit strange with Tim Myers of Strange Craft Beer Company.  A veteran in the Denver craft beer scene, Tim was one of the first to open a taproom only brewery and definitely one of the few to share his taproom with another brewery. Originally started as Strange Brewing, Strange Craft has grown into one of Denver’s best loved, off-the-beaten-path breweries. Disclaimer: No mice were harmed in the filming of this video. Here’s to keeping it strange.

Video Notes to Highlighted Topics

0:56 An OG in the Denver Beer Scene
In business for over 10 years, Strange Craft grew up with the likes of Lefthand, Great Divide, and New Belgium. Tim discusses his strategy and budgeting of opening a small brewery in Denver.

3:30 Family Man & Brewer
Tim loves the flexibility of owning a small brewery, allowing him to participate in his kids’ lives while enjoying the “glamorous” life of a brewer.

4:21 Metro Brewing Program
Strange Craft has partnered up with Metro State University to brew with students in a weekly brew day program.

8:19 Wit’s End Partnership
In danger of going out of business, Wit’s End found a way to survive through a unique partnership with Strange Craft.

14:46 Strange Brewing
Tim talks about naming beers and the original name of Strange Craft – Strange Brewing.  No, there will be no Elsinore beer.  

16:52 The Stout Life
Tim’s kids are taking care of him when he gets old and decrepit. Seriously, though, he and his wife have great plans.

20:32 Because They’re Dead
You must listen to Tim’s story of questioning the tap after a cheers.

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Kenny with movie cardboard cutouts and brews at Strange Craft Beer Company in Denver Colorado

Be sure to check out Part Two next week: It’s all about the brews. Strange Brews, that is. 

And keeping up with that theme, Tim mentions the classic movie Strange Brew.  We’d love to get to know you more. What is your favorite classic movie? Let us know in the comments below.

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