Weird, Dirty Hippies Redefine the American Dream

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We don’t actually think Thomas and Lizzy are weird, dirty hippies. But they are definitely redefining the American Dream.

While travel may be a bit on hold these days, dreams and memories of travel are still running rampant, as they should be. So with that, meet Lizzy and Thomas, van-lifers, mountain bikers, dog lovers, surfers, rock climbers, beer-lovers, and all around good people. These two are redefining what it means to grow up and live the American Dream.

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“I’ve had way more FOMO sitting at my desk than I do living this lifestyle. I’m doing everything that I want to do. Everyone else is missing out on my life.”


Lizzy Thomas April Ken posing for the camera at Cielito Lindo in Baja Mexico Van Life Conversation

Meeting them for the first time at Cielito Lindo last fall just south of Ensenada in Baja over cheap margaritas and Mexican beer, we hope it won’t be the last time. As happens so many times when saying hi to a stranger, we became friends.

Oh, and the ex-pats, that live here? They’re a hoot; we can’t not mention them.

With margaritas to put you on your ass, ex-pats to keep you rolling in laughter, palm trees swaying in the ocean breeze, and Lizzy and Thomas to inspire you to move into a van, harvest hemp, hike the Grand Canyon, and surf Baja, there’s no doubt about it. If you ever thought you couldn’t do something, these two, along with Umphrey, their pup, and Carini The Van will send you into van life faster than you can quit your job.

Oh the places we went!

Oh, the beers we drank!

  • Indio
  • Tecate Black Label
  • so many cheap Mexican beers
  • strong as shit margaritas

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Want More?

Oh, we’ve got more! How about a tour of Carini the Van and how Lizzy and Thomas fit their active lifestyle in one little van?

We talked a lot about the expats living at Cielito Lindo. Here’s more stories on them and beautiful Baja.


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