Battle at the Baja: A Mexican Beer Throwdown

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Join us as we banter back and forth about Mexican Lagers while chilling out on the beach near San Quintin, Baja California, Mexico.  Mere feet away from home, our RV, and being the beer drinkers that we are, we thought it necessary to compare several beers while butchering the Spanish language and enjoying the warm sunshine.  We hope you enjoy this fun, silly, and hopefully a bit informative video, of us drinking on the beach, this warm, sunny morning.

So, come play with us. It’s called Taste all the Mexican Lagers game.  You’ll need six Mexican Lagers of your choice and limes. Find a beach, or a picture of a beach, grab a friend, two chairs, some chips and salsa, and one really good beer to reward yourself with at the end of the game. You’ll need it after drinking these and listening to us.

Sweet, now it’s not just Kenny and I being dorks on the beach in Baja, tasting beer.  It’s all of you, too.  Salud!

Oh, and we brewed a beer while in Baja on the beach.  It came out like a beer, but a bit weird, like us.  That’s all in the video, too.  If we decide not to pour it all out, when our paths cross in the near future, maybe you’ll even get to taste this Baja Brewed Beer.

Video Notes to Highlighted Topics

On the Beach – Baja California (1:26)

We spent almost three weeks at Fidel’s el Pabellon, south of San Quintin, where we ate lobster, clams, fish, and met many wonderful friends, but we also found the Mexican beer, and drank a lot of it.  When you need water, you drink beer.

Mexican Lagers – Taste Test (2:14)

Sitting on the beach under the warm sun, we set ourselves up for somme very important taste comparisons on Mexican mass market lagers, including: Corona, Modelo, Tecate, Dos Equis, Bohemia, and Indio.  Cuz, you know, we’re experts!  Not!  We hope you enjoy the fun!

Limes AKA Limones (3:55)

Mexican lagers need limes!  Kenny thinks I’m showing my tourist side, here.  Who cares!

‘Da Beer (4:29)

Kenny loves the deep in the woods beer conversations; I like to be silly, so hopefully we balance each other out a bit.  Grab your beers and drink with us.  Here’s to not being too serious about your beers and enjoying the moment that makes the beer.

Mexican Beer Throwdown with Modelo, Tecate, Indio, Corona, Dos Equis, and Bohemia all on a boogie board on a beach

4:29 Dos Equis

5:32 Tecate

6:07 Indio – The Butt Light of Mexico

9:26 Modelo

10:28 Corona

11:03 Bohemia

Winners?!  AKA Losers! (12:53)

What did we like?  Where did we place them?  Who got the gold medal?  And does that mean it’s the winner or the loser?  “When you’re on the beach in Mexico, drink what’s cheaper and go spend the money on the street food instead.”

Cerveceria Artesanal (15:11)

There are several craft breweries in Baja, many good ones, in fact.  So when you travel through Baja, be sure to stop in Tijuana, Ensenada, Mexicali, and more!

16:00 Better with Limes We will happily to continue to drink these Mexican Lagers while sitting on the beach. A beer is as good as the moment you’re having!  Thank you, Mexican Lagers.  And thank you, limes!  Put the lime in the coconut.  

Home Brew (18:22)

“If you really want good beer in Mexico, you gotta brew it yourself. If you can’t find craft beer you make craft beer.”  Which we did.  Using ingredients from Baja, we got a bit creative.  It’s very weird.

Beer, Beach, Baja (21:41) 

Chips, salsa, beer, beach, Baja! Pick a beer, it doesn’t really matter.  The moment makes the beer. 

We’d Love to Hear from YOU!

How did the game turn out?  Who won?  You or the beer?  Did you have a favorite or did they all suck?  Let us know in the comments below.

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