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Brewing beer is an art form in itself. But then you meet David Allegrezza, former rock star, current brewer and brewery owner, and now label designer. I suppose that could make him a Rock Star Designer.

When we spoke with him last week, we labeled him a Rock Star Brewer, so Rock Star Designer fits quite nicely. And with labels that mix and match like puzzle pieces and take on White Claw and Fruity Pebbles, along with Cookie Monster and Baby Yoda?! Oh, and he is very creative when it comes to cease and desist orders. Anyone who challenges the big guys? Yep, Rock Star Designer.

Co-Owner of Something Brewery in Brighton, Colorado, David is a jack of all trades, and each trade he tackles, he nails it. From singer to brewer to business owner to artist, this guy’s got it. Something’s always brewing here.

David at Something Brewery Brighton Colorado being silly and holding a flight
David Allegrezza – Something’s Up!
A sign on a brick wall at Something Brewery in Brighton Colorado stating There's always something to be thankful for

Want Something More?

We’ve got you covered. Check out David’s story of One Too Many turning into Something Brewery. By that I mean, the hardcore punk band, One Too Many, taught David and his crew a lot about creating and building a successful business. This is his story.

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